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Ashlesha Nakshatra & the 1999 Eclipse

Note: All planetary positions refer to the sidereal Zodiac whichis currently 23 degrees 50 minutes and 53 sec. behind theTropical Zodiac. Nakshatras are fixed stars or lunar mansions. The nodes of the Moon- Rahu Ketu are considered shadow planets in Vedic Astrology.

Nakshatras are passive forces, which need the planets to activate them. To study the deeper meanings of life, the nakshatra placements of key planets will give a much better understanding of the inner motivations of planets. To reflect on the eclipse of 11th August 1999 we need to look at the Nakshatra position to understand it's subtle meanings. The eclipse is taking place in Ashlesha Nakshatra that is ruled by Mercury and is placed in the sign of Cancer.

The ending of Ashlesha and the ending of Cancer coincide- the Lunar and the Solar Zodiac meet. So makes this Nakshatras extremely powerful on a spiritual level and destiny plays an important part for those born in Ashlesha.

The ruler of Ashlesha is Mercury who is the celestial bridge between higher forces and the Earth. The Moon, which rules the sign, is the Mind, which controls us, Mercury the intellect that guides our rational thinking. This concentrates Ashlesha on the development of the mind and the change in human psyche.

The presiding deity of Ashlesha is Nagas. Nagas are snakes who have great occult powers. It will be wrong to think of them as the poisonous snakes that only kill. Ashlesha persons are supposed to have incisive vision that enables them to look into the hidden secrets of nature and understand true wisdom. The snake carries his poison in a pouch and its body is not filled with poison. It will only use this poison when forced to do so. Also poison can be used for healing or for killing. So the Nagas have the capacity for both good and bad. Ashlesha can lead people to knowledge; wisdom, wealth and prosperity but it can also take them down the path of danger, self-destruction, sexual adventure and unexpected happenings.

The Snakes shed their skins periodically. They are also linked to the Kundalini Shakti- the latent power within us. They are a symbol of re-birth and transformation. Ashlesha being at the junction of Solar and Lunar zodiac shows the ending of one cycle of life and moving of another. The process of shedding of the old skin is always a painful one. It relates to a change of the mind- emotional and intellectual, the evolving of the human consciousness.

The eclipse of 11th August 1999 taking place in this powerful Nakshatra takes on an added spiritual dimension. Eclipses have always been used in India since the Vedic times for meditation, study and initiations into higher occult power. The eclipse in Ashlesha will magnify the occult energy. Those experiencing the eclipse at Plymouth will feel the power of this eclipse strongly. But it is important to use this energy wisely.

On a personal level the eclipses will effect those birthdays that are close to the eclipse or their Moon or Ascendants are within two degrees of the eclipse degree (24 degree 30" Cancer). Those who have planets within a wider orb will be effected but the impact will not be so intense. The main aspect of the eclipse is the re-direction of mental energy that will lead to major transformations. What brings about this change- it could be an event or circumstances, which alter your way of thinking. The process can be painful if you are not ready to make the change. If you do move towards change, you will find the process liberating. The way ahead is of a completely new direction of life where you experience life on a different level. The soul matures through the experiences of 1999 and is able to recognise the new and subtle realities of life.

Other Solar Eclipses in Ashlesha
9th August 1953 23 degrees 32'' Cancer 16:56 GMT
11th August 1961 25 degrees 12" Cancer 11:45 GMT
10th August 1980 24 degrees 42" Cancer 20:12 GMT
11th August 1999 24 degrees 30" Cancer 12:04 GMT
11th August 2018 24 Degrees 35" Cancer 10:46 GMT

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