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Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Vedic Philosophy

Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Vedic philosophy all come from the Vedic texts. Jyotish is the eye of the vedas, therefore it shines light on our past, present and future life. it gives us the tools to understand karma, past life, present responsibilities. Yoga is a way of life that helps us integrate the mind, body and soul. It is from Vedic Philosophy that both of these have originated. But to truly understand the Vedas and Yoga we must have the knowledge of time which is given through studying Vedic Astrology or consulting with an astrologer. Then we must have the wisdom to face up to the issues that Vedic Astrology highlights. The ability to deal with these we need a strong mind, we need to fortify the soul and develop a philosophical mind so that the pain of life is easier to handle and we are still in balance when great things happen.

For this it is essential to follow a path of yoga, and study the Vedic scriptures to help us develop a strong mind. The mind in Vedic Astrology is judged through the Moon and the nakshatras.

Without Vedic Astrologer, the yogi or philosopher is in darkness as they do not know the key of what is it that they are trying to resolve. What are the issues, the soul has brought into this life. Without Yoga and philosophy, the vedic astrology is also in darkness as they do not know how to resolve the issues that the chart is presenting them. therefore these key disciplines follow hand in hand when trying to bring true balance into life.

Vedic Astrology shines the light on our problems and our blessings. When we identify our problems through the help of Vedic astrology, how to resolve them is the next question. Vedic Astrology recommends that we should resolve these issues rather than living with them.

Some of these issues are karmic by nature, for some we may have contributed by our using up of energy resources. If the soul starts accumulating its positive energies rather than spending it, then there would be no problem. In the present day consumerism we want to spend and live in debt. If we do so with our soul, we have inner burden that creates emotional and health problems and it appears as if we are perpetually running on empty.

Vedic Astrologers resort to Upayes or remedial measures which are essential to balance the energy.

Upaye in Sanskrit means to make a strategy to defeat the enemy. It is usually used to find the answer to a problem. When any problem happens, usually you ask for the upaye for this. What efforts are required to overcome the hurdle what are the means to defeat the enemy. The hurdles in war are tackled by strategy. There are four recognised strategies to defeat the enemy – Saman - conciliation or diplomacy, Daan- donation, Bhed - dissention and dand - discipline. These were used to control the enemy. In Jyotish upayes we also control the inner enemy by diplomacy and conciliation with the planets, donation of our time and energy to heal the wounds, yoga, fasting and austerities as personal discipline to stop the outflow of energy and dissention or disagreement with the negative forces of the planets- actively fighting them to quell their uprising and studying deep philosiphical texts to counter them for ever taking roots again.

The soul during its many incarnations starts collecting dirt, this has to be cleansed regularly. While we keep our bodies clean we never think about the soul’s need to be cleansed and purified The dirt calcifies and hides the beauty of the soul and its spiritual needs. When the humans face difficult times and pain, it is the soul’s way of detoxifying. But as most humans remain unaware of what is actually happening to them, they tend to create more problems, more dust and therefore never allowing the soul to be totally free of its dirt. Again Both yoga and Vedic philosophy are used to cleanse the soul.

The connections between Vedas, yoga and Vedic Astrology is so great that both the students and the followers of Vedic Astrology should be working with this. Clients who have no previous knowledge of Vedic astrology can benefit from chanting of mantras, visiting temples in India, making donations and various other remedies.

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by Komila Sutton

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