About Consultations

Consultations can be done by meeting online, or by telephone. Skype or other online apps can be used to do the consultation via video or audio connections. It is not necessary to be in-person for the consultation.



  • In-depth
  • Full Life
  • Past Life


  • Short


  • Specialist Consults
  • Compatibility
  • Personal Panchanga
  • Mahurata or Auspicious Times


  1. All consultation appointment times are according to Pacific Standard Time (PST).

  2. Consultations are all via online video/audio or by telephone.



48 hours before the date of consultation a refund is available less a $25 cancellation fee.

Scheduling Changes
You may change the time of an appointment 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time at no charge.

No Show or Late
Komilla will wait up to 15 minutes from the scheduled consultation time. If you are later than 15 minutes to your consultation time, it will be regarded as a "No Show" and you will be charged for that scheduled consultation time.

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Main Consults

In-Depth Analysis

The in-depth consultation lasts approximately one hour and deals with your life at present, the future indications, relationships, career, finances, creativity and children.

To get the maximum benefit from the reading it is advisable you think about the set of questions you want to ask.

(45 minutes in length plus 15 minutes questions)


Full Life Analysis

This is a three hour personal consultation on all the trends and major points in life. It shows the good periods, negative periods of life. It also deals with every aspect of life -relationships, career, finances, children, home etc.

(3 hours in length)


Past Life Analysis

This consultation looks at the past life issues you have brought into this life. How to understand the blocks and the advantages our past lives have created. When the past issues are experienced. Learning to cope with the challenges and enjoy the blessings. Remedies for the past life issues.

(1 hour in length)


Annual Varshaphal

1 Hour

A great help in navigating the year. Analysis of what the planets have in store for you. It helps to maximize the strengths and cope with the difficult periods. Adds to the other consultations as it focuses primary on the year in question. It is best to get an in-depth Analysis and follow that with the annual consultation.

(1 hour in length)


Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is alled Jyotish, the science of light. It sheds light on the personality, the spiritual life path karma, your strong points, the time you live in, how to deal with the difficult issues. It helps you to understand yourself better.

Komilla Sutton is an internationally known expert of Jyotish. She teaches and consults. She is primarily based in San Francisco, Bay Area (California), and she travels to UK and India.

Live Ganesh from India Trips with Komilla

Special Consultations


Two charts are compared seeing the compatibility, whether you are in an existing relationship or a new one. What the chart says about relationships issues, how does it work with your partner/ spouse. How to improve the quality of your relationships by calming the differences and celebrating the connections.

(1 hour in length)


Muhurta - Electing the Auspicious Time

What is done at an auspicious moment results is happiness. What is done at a negative moment brings unhappiness?

Prashna Marga,
Chapter 1 Verse 38

This consultation helps you to choose the right time for the right event so that you get minimum obstruction to achieve the best results. Muhurta can be done for any important event - starting a new life, marriage, business, career etc. This is about finding and researching the right dates and not so much an consultation.

Suitable for personal events.


Suitable for marriage, business or where more than one person is involved.


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