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Sun’s Exaltation Shines Brightly

We are all facing unprecedented times; the strength of planets has expanded the coronavirus and made it global. However, the change of energy is bringing the light at the end of this sorrowful time. The debilitation of Jupiter has brought containment – and now Sun’s exaltation and Venus in own sign is bringing meaningful relief.

Stay Safe, Keep Well and Take Care.

Key Dates in April are:

All planets are direct this month.

  • 1st – Mars Saturn conjunction 6 degrees Capricorn Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra (this is the degree of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction due to happen on December 21, 2020).
  • 2nd - 2 Ram Navami - Vasanta Navaratri Festival.
  • 5th - Mars changes Nakshatra from Uttara Ashadha to Sravana.
  • 7th – Mercury enters Pisces to April 24.
  • 8th – Full Moon in Virgo Chitra Nakshatra.
  • 8th - Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman Jayanti's Birthday Festival
  • 13th – Kal Sarpa is on again – it brings unsettled energy to April 27.
  • 12th to 13th - Sun goes through Gandanta.
  • 13th - Sun enters Aries, its exaltation sign.
  • 23rd - New Moon in Ashwini.
  • 24th – Mercury in Aries, goes through Gandanta from 24th to April 25.
  • 25th to 26th - Akshaya Tritiya, when the Sun and Moon are both exalted. It is on 25th in USA and 26th in Europe, India, Asia and Australia - Akshaya Tritiya Festival
  • 27th – Kal Sarpa ends for now as Moon break to May 10.

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

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Sun in Aries - Exalted & Positive

April 13 to May 14, 2020

Sun is the planet that gives good, robust health, and at these times of global pandemic, we are looking for it to heal the world. So, its exaltation is a significant step towards the slowing down of the crisis. It does not matter whether it is spring or autumn or north and south of the equator – The Sun in Aries will shine on all. All of us will benefit from its Aries Transit; there is no conjunction with other planets and the ruler of Aries, Mars is also exalted.

Sun brings light in our lives and takes away the fear and anxiety. It does not mean that you relax and ignore the restriction as Saturn continues in Capricorn, giving us restrictive guidelines. We are looking for Sun to burn away the negativity and darkness and bring us out of this crisis.

12 to April 13 Sun will go through Gandanta. This is unsettled, but as Sun is going to a great place in Aries, this unsettling is positive too.

Venus in Taurus – Stabilizes Finances

This is a long transit of Venus in Taurus and a welcome one. Venus rules the natural 2nd house in the chart, which is in Taurus and its transit to Taurus is especially good for the financial situation of the world. For individual charts, we will need to check.

Usually, Venus remains in a sign for around 25 days however due to its retrograde from May 13 to June 25 – the transit gets prolongers, and as it is a place of dignity for Venus, it is excellent.

Venus in Taurus creates a transit Malavya Mahapurusha yoga showering blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Capricorn also enjoys this transit as Venus is its Rajayogakaraka Planet.

Watch more in my video...

Venus in Taurus – Relief

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