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Major planetary shifts happened in April, but that does not mean that all has changed. There is still the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio that can bring up issues and reveal more. May planets are not doing a lot except for the dramatic lunar eclipse. We are all assimilating the shifts in planets, and all is not revealed as yet.

There may be many areas of life that we can see altering, and before making significant life-changing decisions, May 2022 is a time to meditate on what has happened, what you want to happen. Take time out to think through decisions before making them.

The videos on my YouTube channel keep you updated on all the major planetary transitions; you can watch them through this link:


Key dates in May - compiled by Keiko Shanti. (

- All times listed are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
- Mean nodes are used.

As we start the month of May

  • Jupiter and Venus are in Graha Yuddha (Planetary War).
  • We are in a two-week period between a solar and lunar eclipse.
  • Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in dignity.
  • The seven planets are still direct.

1 May
End of Jupiter-Venus Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) 11.17 pm.

3 May
Akshaya Tritiya

10 May
Mercury turns retrograde 10°41 Taurus Rohini Nakshatra (until 3 June) 11.48 am.

13 May
Sun Rahu Conjunction 28°21 Aries Krittika Nakshatra 6.57 am.

14 May
Ketu aspects Mars 28°16 Libra to 28°16 Aquarius 8.35 pm.
Sun enters Taurus (until 15 June) 11.59 pm.

16 May
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 1°08 Vishakha Nakshatra, Cancer Navamsha 4.15 am.

17 May
Mars enters Pisces (until 27 June) 4.03 am.

21 May
Sun conjunction with Mercury retrograde 6°33 Taurus, Krittika Nakshatra 7.14 pm.

23 May
Venus enters Aries (until 18 June) 2.57 pm.
Venus goes through Gandanta from 22 May 10.29 pm until 24 May 7.45 am.
Adhi Yoga to Libra - Jupiter in the 6th, Venus in the 7th and Mercury in the 8th (until 18 June).

24 May
Saturn aspects Venus 0°58 Aquarius to 0°58 Aries 10.51 am.

29 May
Mars conjunct Jupiter 9°09 Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra 10.14 am.
Mars and Jupiter are in Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) from 27 May 4.50 pm until 31 May 4.17 am.

30 May
New Moon in Taurus 14°53 Rohini Nakshatra Taurus Navamsha, Sun/Moon Vargottama 11.30 am.


15 to 16 May 2022

Visible - South/West Europe, South/West Asia, Africa, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

  • Start - 1:32 am UTC
  • Total Eclipse - 4:11 am UTC
  • Ends - 6:50 am

As the Moon is eclipsed, the full Moon is in Scorpio; Moon is at 1°08 Scorpio – very close to its debilitation while Ketu is in Libra. So Ketu and Moon are about 2°56 degrees apart in different signs but the same nakshatra of Vishakha. This is because they are in close contact with each other.

This is the last eclipse of Scorpio, indicating that there are still aspects of life to be revealed, transformations with a kick in the end.

Lunar eclipses reveal their message immediately. Of course, we will notice the impact on the world, but there can also be added changes in our own lives, especially if you have planets at 1° Scorpio or your birthday is around 15- 16 May.

It is best to keep the day of the eclipse simple to avoid doing stressful activities on the day. It can make you emotional regardless of what your sign is. It is usually best not to make crucial decisions when the eclipse energy is intense. Wait till after the eclipse has passed.

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