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Planetary News August 2019 from Komilla Sutton

Strengths & Instability

August brings some relief from turbulent planets, but we are not totally out of the woods. Mars and Sun both find their vitality by moving into Leo and Jupiter goes direct. Four planets will cross Cancer Leo gandanta, and Kal Sarpa grips twice in the month destabilizing the strengths.

Key Dates in August are:

Saturn Ketu in close conjunction all month.

  • 1st to 12th – Rahu Ketu creates Kal Sarpa (see below)
  • 2nd – Mercury moves back to Cancer
  • 3rd – Saturn fast begins -
  • 6th – Mars on exact debilitation degree of 28º
  • 7th to 9th – Mars crosses Cancer Leo gandanta
  • 8th – Mars moves into Leo (see Below)
  • 11th – Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio Jyeshta Nakshatra to 4 Nov 2019
  • 15th – Purnima tithi – Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra
  • 15th – Sun-Venus conjunction in Cancer
  • 16th - Sankranti – Sun moves into Leo. Sun is in Cancer Leo gandanta though this Sankranti
  • 16th – Venus crosses Cancer Leo gandanta
  • 25th – Mercury in Cancer Leo gandanta
  • 26th – Mercury crosses into Leo remains in gandanta for the day.
  • 26th to end of the month – 4 planets in Leo
  • 30th - New Moon in Leo accompanied by Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus

NOTE: All timing is for California/West Coast PST.

Four Gandanta Crossings

Four planets will cross the Cancer Leo gandanta activating blocked energy. Throwing up debris from old karmic issues that can be tough to handle and creating instability. The gandanta transits from Cancer to Leo are:

7 to 9 August – for Mars and will impact Aries and Scorpio. Be careful over these dates and then Mars frees you to act and enjoy August.

16 to 17 August – both Sun and Venus cross through the gandanta together. Venus is combust so feels burnt out, aggravated and angry. Sun moves into its power position, and Leo can enjoy the month from 17th onwards. Taurus and Libra need to take care, give themselves a break, avoid pushing themselves too hard.

25 to 26 August – Mercury crosses over the gandanta, so Gemini and Virgo need to remain cautious.

Jupiter Goes Direct

11th August Jupiter will go direct in Scorpio and will be a positive force to do good. It is excellent for Pisces and Sagittarius it is in the 12th house, so they need to wait till Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in November.

Jupiter direct in Scorpio is also great for Cancer, Leo, Scorpio.

Powerful Leo Hosts Many Planets

Many Planets are visiting red-hot Leo. Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the New Moon all will be in Leo. Sun and Mars are in strength and happy while Mercury and Venus will get consumed by the fire of Leo – how they deal with it depends on each sign.

  • 8th – Mars moves into Leo and finds high strength and positivity
  • 16th - Sun moves into Leo. Great month for all Leo
  • 16th – Venus crosses to Leo – still close to the Sun, so Taurus and Libra feel burnt out. Too much energy is incoming, but due to burnt-out feeling do not know what to do with it.
  • 26th – Mercury crosses into Leo. (See Vigo below). Gemini feels very motivated. Enterprising ideas and action will lead to new horizons.
  • 26th to end of the month – 4 planets in Leo
  • 30th - New Moon in Leo accompanied by Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus

The signs that experience this with high stress are:

Virgo – Leo is in the 12th house so their expenses will be high and out of control. They need to keep tight control over their outgoings – both financial and personal.

Capricorn – Leo is in their 8th house, many planets will bring unexpected changes and lack of control where life is going. Be careful, especially as lagna lord Saturn is with Ketu in the 12th. All decisions taken with caution, avoid taking significant steps.

Pisces – Leo is the 6th house. They need to watch their health. Overwork and stress can make them burn out. Also, watch for detractors who try to make your life as difficult as possible. However, Jupiter in Scorpio and 9th house will help.

Rahu Ketu Grips the Planets with Kal Sarpa

30th July to 12th August and 26th August to 9 September

Rahu Ketu surrounds the planets and seizes them into their agenda, which creates significant divides and unsettling energies if we give in to their fears and anxieties. This is not affecting one planet but the overall quality of life. Kal Sarpa by transit will also destabilise and bring divisive politics to light.

This year there are two dates, and between the Kal Sarpa, Moon becomes isolated, and the mind feels very alone and unsettled. So in this uncertainty can make decisions that are not so constructive.

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Rahu Ketu Block Planets by Transit Kal Sarpa Yoga

Kal Sarpa Yoga

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