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Month of Eclipses

Happy New Year

Jupiter is in Scorpio, Venus conjoins it on 1st – two Gurus together can be a double blessing, or they can be having opposing viewpoints so confuse. Sun Saturn conjunction on 1st brings stress followed by the solar eclipse on 5th January (USA).

2019 is a complex year and there are potential times of crisis that we must watch for as well as opportunities. It is important to be patient and calm during the tough energies.

January is the month of the eclipses, Sun Saturn conjunction. Jupiter Venus and Jupiter Mars Parivartana, if it blesses your chart (Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces), it has many opportunities.

Important thing to remember is that all the various conjunctions, eclipses etc. that are happening in January – occur annually so are not unusual, it is a regular disturbance of time – how they impact us depends on how you deal with them, what your personal reaction to these situations is including the dasha you are in.

Key Dates in January are:

  • 1st - Saturn Sun conjunction in Sagittarius – Purva Ashadha Venus moves to Scorpio.
  • 2nd - Rahu moves into Punarvasu Cancer.
  • 5th – Partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on New Moon – Purva Ashadha. Saturn joins the eclipse.
  • 13th – Mercury Saturn conjunction.
  • 14th - Sun in Capricorn – Makar Sankranti.
  • 16th – Sun Ketu conjunction in Capricorn – Uttara Ashadha.
  • 20th – Mercury moves into Capricorn.
  • 20th – 21st - Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.
  • 21st - Venus Jupiter conjunction. They will be at war from 21st to 23rd Mercury Ketu conjunction in Capricorn – Uttara Ashadha.
  • 29th - Venus moves to Sagittarius. Mercury Sun conjunction.

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

Eclipse Month – Solar on the 5th and Lunar on 20th/21st

5 January - Parital Solar Eclipse

The Moon’s shadow does not totally eclipse the Sun. This is visible mostly in the Pacific, but it touches the eastern edge of China and the western edge of Alaska USA.

The eclipse is in Sagittarius Purva Ashadha. Saturn is close to the Sun is part of the eclipse. It impacts Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant the most and if your birthday is close to eclipse day or on the eclipse day – expect some changes in your life. Eclipses are times of transformation; secret information is revealed, and they are omens of events to come. If the eclipse is not visible in your country, the issues may be more secret – however, it will impact you. This eclipse is showing issues with governments and their leaders as Saturn the planet of karmic retribution is with Sun which is power. As the world is being affected, we would need to study individual charts. Partial means its impact is less strong.

20 to 21 January - Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse is in Cancer Punarvasu. It is visible throughout the world except in India and South East Asia.

Lunar eclipses are always emotional times as the Moon, the mind is being eclipsed. Mercury is also involved in this eclipse as it is close to Ketu. We need to be careful regarding the choices we make. Our thinking is confused, and we may not be clear headed. This is the last eclipse of Cancer. If you have planets in early degrees of Cancer, then this eclipse can impact you most. Cancer Capricorn is facing changes in life, this is the last part of the 18-month cycle and will make the final changes. Be flexible and open.

Usually, the lunar eclipse gives immediate results and can trigger situations in life. It can reveal scandals or hidden information but unlike the solar eclipse, it will give instant results.

Jupiter, Venus in Scorpio – Double Blessing or Double Confusion?

1 to 20 January

Venus finishes its long stay in Libra on 1st of January and moves into Scorpio. This itself is a shock to Venus as it had got used to the positive Libra and we will feel the same. This is new territory. Venus meets up with friend/foe Jupiter in Scorpio. This is going to add to the complexity of the transit. Jupiter Venus conjunctions happen annually so it is not a rare conjunction, but we should understand the impact.

According to the fundamentals of Jyotisha, Jupiter regards Venus as an enemy while Venus is neutral to Jupiter as it exalts in his sign Pisces. Jupiter does well in Scorpio as he is friends with Mars whereas Venus does not. So Jupiter is more comfortable in Scorpio.

In mythology – Jupiter is the Guru of the Gods Brihaspati, And Venus is the Guru to the Demons Shukracharya. Both are highly knowledgeable advisors. Jupiter will help us develop the godly qualities within and Venus will try to shift the demonic, more negative qualities. Both have an important role to play in our life.

This transit in Scorpio can bring many blessings as the gurus shower their knowledge and wisdom om us. We should be ready to receive it. Jupiter Venus can confuse if we think one information or one Guru is better than the other. We must develop our own ability to know good from bad – same with what is good knowledge or not. Take time to assimilate and decide - so as not be in a hurry to make a judgment. It can also make you think of studying two diverse subjects. Students and clients who have this conjunction in their chart, tend to be masters of two or more subjects- sometimes they have a lot of knowledge. What they study and how they assimilate this information depends on other factors in their chart. My Guruji used to say – Jupiter and Venus together give the ability to advise all sorts of people. This is not a weakness but a strength.

Venus Jupiter exact conjunction is on 21st January in Jyeshta nakshatra. The will be at Yuddh (war) from 21st to 23rd. Planets get into war when they are too close together. This is when the conflict is at the most intense. However, as it does not last long – we should avoid getting drawn into conflicts or arguments.

Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel their impact. All of us will also experience their energy. Scorpio has the best times as two gurus are there to advise and guide.

Mercury Moves Towards Combustion

Mercury can experience a challenging month if they do not manage their energies properly. It conjoins Saturn on 13th and Ketu on 21st and is part of both the eclipses plus getting combust slowly all month to exact Sun conjunction on 29th January. It is a good time for Gemini Virgo to take a rest and time to meditate. Life can easily spin out of control if they do not take care. Gemini may be thinking about relationships while Virgo is concentrating on their home.

As Mercury is the analytic planet – all of us may be thinking in different ways and a lot of outside influences can colour our thinking as indicated by the many conjunctions. If you are unsure or feel you are being pushed into making decisions, it is best to wait this month out for important decisions.

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