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Planetary News January 2020 from Komilla Sutton

Unsettled Start to New Decade

2019 ended with a bang, and the start of 2020 remains uneasy with a lunar eclipse, Saturn Sun, Jupiter ketu conjunction. Do not despair, the planets release their pressure on us and we will see the end of January as much more positive and supportive.

Key Dates in January are:

  • 1st and 2nd – Jupiter Mercury War in Sagittarius
  • 4th – Jupiter into Purva Ashadha
  • 6th – Jupiter Ketu conjunction
  • 8th – Venus in Aquarius
  • 10th – Lunar Eclipse at 25º46 Gemini Punarvasu nakshatra
  • 10th - Mercury conjunction with Sun – exact combustion
  • 11th to 12th – Mercury Saturn War, exact conjunction on 12th.
  • 12th – Mercury in Capricorn
  • 13th – Sun Saturn exact conjunction
  • 14th - All-day Makar Sankranti from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
  • 14th – Sun moves into Capricorn
  • 14th – Ketu into Mula Nakshatra.
  • 23rd – Saturn in Capricorn – to 17 January 2023.
  • 24th – New Moon in Capricorn, Shravana
  • 30th – Mercury in Aquarius

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

Shaky Start to a Very Positive 2020

Will be a great Year. However, the year starts with unsettled energy of Jupiter Ketu, Sun Saturn and other difficult conjunctions and a dramatic lunar eclipse.

Then we start experiencing the positive. All Five Mahapurusha Yoga is experienced by transit which is created by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. All signs will have good news. All Year Saturn in dignity, most of the year Jupiter in dignity, Mars gets three positives, Long Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Taurus.

Lengthy and positive Vargottamma for Saturn and Jupiter. Vargottamma is when planets are in the same sign and Navamsha.

Rahu Ketu moves into Exaltation on 22 September.

I will be giving detailed analysis throughout the year.

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Three Challenges of 2020

Three Positives of 2020

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Saturn into Capricorn – Major Shift of Consciousness

23-24 January 2020 to 28 April 2022
12 July 2022 to 17 January 2023

When Saturn changes signs, it is a significant event, and shift in life and it can relieve us of pressures or bring new ones. It all depends on each chart.

The good news is that Saturn is in dignity and its own sign. This will help all if we take Saturn nature in mind – he is kind to those who are being patient, doing good deeds, trying to pay off old karma, working hard, respecting elderly and poor. This is a time to set goals, work hard and you will get results.

- Transit Sasha mahapurusha yoga for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They will get extra opportunities. Aries – professionally.
- Cancer - relationship and work.
- Libra – Home
- Capricorn – overall positive, however, if Moon is placed here, it can be challenging.

3 NEW Videos from Komilla | Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn | Part 1

NOTE Video of Saturn in "Capricorn - Part 1" will be available on 8 January 2020.

Please return on Wednesday, January 8th to view this video from Komilla.

Saturn in Capricorn | Part 2

NOTE Video of Saturn in "Capricorn - Part 2" will be available on 11 January 2020.

Please return on Saturday, January 11th to view this video from Komilla.

Saturn in Uttara Ashadha ALL NAKSHATRA

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