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Planets in Relative Calmness - Venus in Virgo, Mars goes Direct

August brings welcome relief after a turbulent July. There are still some aspects to watch for – the 2nd partial Solar eclipse, Venus makes its annual foray in Virgo and Mars turns direct.

Key Dates in August

  • 1 August – Venus is debilitated in Virgo – All month
  • 2 August - Jupiter changes Nakshatra from Swati to Vishakha
  • 10 August - Kal Sarpa Yoga by transit until August 24th
  • 11 August – Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer Ashlesha
  • 16 August – Sun in Cancer Gandanta and Sankranti to Leo
  • 18 August - Mercury goes direct in Cancer
  • 26 August – Full Moon in Aquarius Shatabhishak Nakshatra
  • 27 August - Mars goes direct at 4°29 Capricorn in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra
  • 30 August - Ketu changes Nakshatra from Shravana to Uttara Ashadha 2:47pm

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

All August – Venus Debilitated in Virgo

Venus becomes debilitated every year when it transits in Virgo. This is when it feels most critical and dissatisfied – which goes against the pure nature of Venus. We should watch how we deal with our relationships during this period. Too much censure can sour our relationships, so we must take time to appreciate what is good in them – not just by speech but internally too. This doesn’t mean speaking falsely but more to focus on all what works, you can resolve the other issues later when Venus is strong and helpful.

Taurus and Libra are most impacted as their ascendant ruler is debilitated. They should take care of their health and personal wellbeing.

Taurus - the focus on creativity and children. Avoid finding fault with children and setting too high a standard for yourself. Taurus can cope with this transit better as it happens in their 5th house of creativity.

Libra – Venus is transiting in their 12th house of loss. Efforts do not get rewarded, emotionally you give a lot and maybe not receive back in the same proportion. Take care with finances – not a time to plan major expenses. Good to donate time and focus on more spiritual aspects of life.

Mercury Retrogrades in Gandanta

Mercury remains in Cancer Gandanta from 24 to 28 July and it retrogrades on the gandanta degree on 25 July. This is not an easy energy. Gandanta degrees are unsupported energies and Mercury being there for a long period and it will be opposite to eclipse of 27 July. The drama will be high. The mind remains unsettled as both Moon and Mercury are impacted.

Mercury remains retrograde from 25 July to 18 August – all the time in Cancer. Retrograde are times to rethink, re-energize, revise what has happened in the last few months so that you can make informed decisions in the future. It is easy to change your mind when Mercury turns retrograde. Thinking is on shaky ground so trying to make sense of what you want is not always clear.

Gemini and Virgo can feel insecure about what direction they should take – and this is not the days to make important decisions but more to just keep grounded and taking one day at a time. Rahu is also amplifying the dissatisfaction and urging them to do something. At times of planetary volatility, it the best to keep the mind occupied with positive endeavors and try to refocus the thoughts away from negativity.

The Partial Solar Eclipse of 11 August

Partial eclipses are not so powerful to deliver their results but as this eclipse comes after the longest lunar eclipse of this century and another partial solar eclipse in July - we should watch it for some sudden and unexpected events. The eclipse is in Cancer and impacts those with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Cancer. If your birthday is around 11 August – then you will feel its impact.

This eclipse is visible throughout Russia so there can be an impact on the nation and can bring instability – they need to be aware of some unexpected natural phenomenon too – like earthquakes, hurricanes etc. Politics can also be troubled.

Maximum eclipse is at happening at 9:46 a.m. GMT on 11 August. It is best to keep eclipse days simple. Spend the day in meditation and reflection. Not a day to plan major projects.

The eclipse info - The eclipse will start out over the North Atlantic Ocean and Greenland, moving north and east so that the shadow simultaneously moves toward Iceland, northern Europe and the northern polar regions. Continuing its path over the top of the planet, the shadow will be wide enough to cover most of northern Russia from east to west. It will then dip down into Mongolia, China and surrounding areas.

It will officially begin when the moon first appears to make contact with the sun's disk at 4:02 a.m. EDT (0802 GMT). Maximum eclipse will happen at 5:46 a.m. EDT (0946 GMT) when the eclipse is at magnitude 0.7361. -

Mars Turns Direct

27 August - Mars turns direct and now it will be in its power. Exalted and creating Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is powerful the influence of Ketu continues but now it has done two out of the three conjunctions. I feel it is ready to give the results which it has been withholding since May. What these are depends on the personal chart. It will have a greatly productive side to it – we should all try to avoid the more volatile side of the Mars nature,

The reason for this anxiety is that when Moon goes into Scorpio, it transits with its debilitation sign which is not easy and then it must cross the Scorpio/ Sagittarius gandanta. As soon as it has finished, it meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius and then moves into Capricorn when first Mars and then Ketu are present. There is no break from facing these challenging planets and due to the long exaltation of Mars, this continues month after month till November.

The Dates for the Stressed Moon in August:

AUGUST 19th to 25th

Reminder for Future dates:

SEPTEMBER 14th to 20th

OCTOBER 11th to 18th | From October onwards Jupiter is in Scorpio, so the influence lessens.

Moon under duress impacts on the mind and the thinking.

If we face these transits without planning for them - Scorpio is intense and makes us want to confront people who we feel have let us down –it does not matter how it will ultimately affect us. Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta will make us feel insecure. Then moving to Sagittarius, the mind experiences Saturn, its roadblocks and obstacles which can be frustrating. Then it moves to Capricorn and Mars can bring impulsive behaviors, anger, conflicts and spurts of tempestuousness. The mind is totally frazzled by now and it must deal with the rejections of Ketu.

The other scenario is that we live in conscious awareness of the negative potential of these Moon transits. Use the Scorpio transit to transform and transcend from the lower mind to the higher, calm the darkness and move to the light, take it easy during gandanta transits avoid making important decisions. If Saturn delays and creates obstacles, it is only for the day – so keep frustrations at bay. Restrain from anger and impulses while Moon connects with Mars and use the Ketu conjunction to think about spirituality, Jyotisha and meditate. This way we manage to deal with these Moon conjunctions positively and at the end of the transit feel empowered instead of frazzled. Over the years I have found that working with transits in awareness is extremely helpful – so do your best and it will be rewarding.

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To Watch in SEPTEMBER 2018

Venus in Libra, Saturn turns direct.

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