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Unsettled Period of 2019 begins - Jupiter Gandanta, Rahu Ketu into Gemini Sagittarius & Mercury Retrogrades

March is a dramatic month where planets are bringing many complex situations to light. Rahu Ketu move into Gemini Sagittarius Axis and Saturn Ketu’s long conjunction begins. Saturn Ketu conjunction has the potential to create many crisis – both in personal life and in the world affairs. Mercury will be debilitated and, retrograde and then move back to Aquarius and exchange signs with Rahu. Mars’s strength in Aries to 22 March helps.

We all must be extra careful about making decision and making changing. It is best to re-act to situations rather than act. Be careful not to destabilize yourself.

Key Dates in March are:

  • 5th – Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces.
  • 5th - Amavasya tithi and Maha Shivaratri.
  • 6th – New Moon in Aquarius.
  • 6th – Rahu Ketu move back into Gemini Sagittarius Axis.
  • 14th – Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius and begins Parivartana yoga (exchanging signs) with Rahu in Gemini.
  • 14th - Sankranti as Sun moves to Pisces. Exact Sun Mercury conjunction during Sankranti.
  • 16th – Jupiter moves into end of Scorpio and Gandanta.
  • 21st – Venus in Aquarius.
  • 22nd – Mars moves into Taurus.
  • 28th – Jupiter moves into Sagittarius – still in Gandanta.
  • 28th – Mercury turns direct in Aquarius.

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

Rahu Ketu in Gemini Sagitarious

6 March 2019 to 20 September 2020

Rahu Ketu moves into Gemini Sagittarius axis – both are vargottama and powerful. As they enter new sign, they tend to be immature and impulsive, both will think they know everything, but they are fresh into a new situation – do not be taken in by their high degrees, therefore they can create impulsive situations and actions that can have long reaching impact on your life. Eclipses for the next 18 months will take place in Gemini Sagittarius axis. The next eclipse is Gemini is Solar eclipse on 2 July 2019 and Sagittarius has the lunar eclipse on 16/17 July. Rahu Ketu and eclipses both indicate that there are changes for Gemini and Sagittarius – and in your chart the area that is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius is being transformed. Many things can be unexpected – so be prepared for change.

14 to 31 March – Rahu in Gemini exchanges signs with Mercury in Aquarius. This is a positive Parivartana yoga for Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. They can have positive energies and changes in life bring prosperity. However, you still need to be aware the overall influence of the planets is uncertain, so be cautious and careful in making any long reaching changes that unsettle you.

I have made a recording about Rahu Ketu is in Gemini Sagittarius and how it effects each sign on YouTube.

Transit Rahu Ketu in Gemini Sagittarius 1/2:

Transit Rahu Ketu in Gemini Sagittarius 2/2 – How it impacts YOU:

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius

5 to 28 March

Mercury is in a complex transit between Pisces and Aquarius. Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on 5 March. Watch this day, it is always complex. Mercury deals with communications and intellect. Things can suddenly change; our thinking goes retrograde and lack of clarity is possible. The full retrograde period should be watched. Gemini Virgo always need to watch – read above about Rahu Mercury Parivartana.

Key Dates:

5th Mercury turns retrograde.

14th – Mercury retrogrades into Aquarius. This is usually not regraded as positive as the planets goes back into a different sign. Things that were left unfinished may need to be addressed, the mind is confused regarding what action to take.

14th March to 11 April – Mercury in Aquarius will be Parivartana with Rahu in Gemini, this can give a great desire to make changes in life, however overall energy is unsettled – so make decisions wisely. Avoid making them during Mercury retrograde.

28th – Mercury goes direct in Aquarius – you may consider moving forward with old stuff that you were feeling blocked about.

I have made a recording about Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Aquarius plus gandanta and more on YouTube:

Complex Transit Mercury in Pisces Aquarius: Debilitated, Retrograde, Gandanta.

Jupiter in Scorpio/ Sagittarius Gandanta

16 March to 6 May

Jupiter goes into a long and rare gandanta. I will be writing more about it in April newsletter as well.

On 16 March when Jupiter goes to 29º 12 Scorpio, it will be the choppy and troublesome Scorpio Sagittarius gandanta. Usually Jupiter is in gandanta for a short time – around 10 days. But this year it will retrograde on 11 April at gandanta degree and therefore remains in gandanta for around 7 weeks. This is a major destabilizing factor for world issues too. UK and Europe are facing UK Brexit and if this can be delayed, it is only a good thing.

Sagittarius Pisces will feel it most as their lagna lord/ Moon lord is going through this unstable time. All of us must take care as many aspects are joining together – all that promote instability.

Key Dates:

16 March - Jupiter goes into gandanta.

29 March – Jupiter moves to Sagittarius.

11 April – Jupiter turns retrograde. Due to retrograde Jupiter has slowed down, therefore will move slowly out of gandanta.

21 April – Jupiter retrogrades back to Scorpio.

5 May – Jupiter out of gandanta.

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