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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Essence of Change

November is an important month as Jupiter changes into Sagittarius. Jupiter had a short transit in Sagittarius in April 2019, but now it is returning to complete the process. It will bring many changes in its wake. Mars is in an erratic dance with Mercury and Venus. Sun is debilitated for half the month and powerful the other half.

Key Dates in November are:

  • 31st October to November 8th – Jupiter in gandanta first in Scorpio and then in Sagittarius. Unsettled.
  • 4th – Jupiter moves into Sagittarius
  • 6th to 7th – Mercury retrogrades back to Libra
  • 10th - Mars goes into Libra
  • 11th – Transit of Mercury across the face of Sun in Libra
  • 12th – Kartik Purnima – Full Moon Kartik Purnima Festival
  • 16th - Sun into Scorpio. All-day Sankranti
  • 20th – Venus moves to Sagittarius and is gandanta for the day
  • 24th to 25th – Jupiter Venus in war
  • 25th to 26th – Amavasya – dark Moon. The new moon in Anuradha Nakshatra, Scorpio on 26th.

NOTE: All timing is for California/West Coast PST.

Jupiter’s Transformation into Sagitarius

Jupiter herald winds of change as it moves into Sagittarius. Jupiter had a short dip into Sagittarius in April 2019, and now it will have a longer transit in Sagittarius. Usually Jupiter remains in one sign for one year; however this year it will rush through Sagittarius to 29 March 2020 and then goes into Capricorn till 29 June. The first two months of the Jupiter Retrograde are very unsettled as Jupiter re-configures that landscape. We can expect political changes. Jupiter makes transitions easy, but they are no less impactful.

I will write about the significant Jupiter connections in the future monthly news.

The key dates are:

  • 31 Oct to 8 Nov - Jupiter in Gandanta
  • 4 Nov 19 to 29 March 20 – Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • 26 Dec – Jupiter conjuncts the Sun during a solar eclipse
  • 6 Jan – Jupiter Ketu conjunction
  • 10 Jan – Jupiter opp the lunar eclipse
  • 29 March to 29 June 20 – Jupiter in Capricorn
  • 14 May to 12 Sept – Jupiter Retrograde
  • 29 June to 19 Nov – Jupiter in Sagittarius

There is Hamsa Mahapurusha for success and empowerment – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces experience it. Sagittarius will feel the positive impact of Jupiter after the extended Saturn influence. Pisces can expect career success and opportunities during this transit.

The main thing to remember is that the transit does not start easily, it is going to create changes and bring a new type of energy and thinking into our lives and we begin to feel it after January lunar eclipse and Ketu Jupiter conjunction.

I have made three videos on the Jupiter transit

Jupiter in Sagitarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius ALL SIGNS

Jupiter in Mula ALL NAKSHATRAS

Erratic Mars in Virgo and Libra

The month begins with Mars in Virgo to 10 Nov where it exchanges signs with Mercury in Scorpio to 6 November. Then from 10 to 20 November Mars is in Libra and Venus is in Scorpio so Mars exchanges signs with Venus. These two parivartana yogas make Mars very uncertain as to what direction to take. It can lead to erratic behaviour with people changing their thinking and ideas. Mars needs to be a leader and remain focused. When it exchanges signs with other planets, their issues and agendas become more prominent, and Mars can feel directionless and lost. Aries, Scorpio needs to remain restraint. Leo and Aquarius can enjoy the Mars Venus exchange of signs, and this brings opportunities for them. Libra will find financial success from 10 to 20 November.

To Know More About Parivartana Yoga

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