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Eclipses & Intense Conjunctions

July continues to the volatile theme as it brings two eclipses, Sun Rahu conjunction with Saturn Ketu opposition, Mercury retrograde and in a militant mood as it wars with Mars and Venus. We are exhausted by the June struggles and need to be strong to cope with the continued pressure.

To know how they will impact you personally – analysis of your chart and where these conjunctions are occurring, the dasha and most importantly, how you react to the stress and deal with them.

Key Dates in July are:

Saturn Ketu in close conjunction all month. Mars remains debilitated in Cancer. Mercury in Gemini, both direct and retrograde. Mercury makes short dip back to Gemini.

  • 2nd - Solar Eclipse at 16°29 Gemini, Ardra
  • 7th to 9th – Mars Mercury war in Cancer with exact conjunction on 8th
  • 7th – Mercury retrogrades in Cancer
  • 9th – Sun Rahu conjunction in Gemini and opposition to Saturn Ketu
  • 16th – Guru Purnima – honouring the Gurus -
  • 16th – Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
  • 16th - Sankranti – Sun moves into Cancer and start of Dakshinayana
  • 17th – Venus Rahu conjunction in Gemini
  • 20th – Sun-Mercury conjunction in Cancer
  • 22nd – Venus changes signs to Cancer
  • 24th to 25th – Venus Mercury in War in Cancer - Exact conjunction on 24th
  • 29th – Mercury retrogrades back to Gemini
  • 30th - Kal Sarpa yoga by Transit to 12 August
  • 31st - Mercury goes direct in Gemini

NOTE: All timing is for California/West Coast PST.

The Month of Eclipses

A major Solar eclipse on 2 July followed by Partial lunar eclipses on 16 July keeps the month unsettled. Eclipses are usually times of change – change can be positive too. However, during the month of eclipses, we should not make any significant decisions and keep life simple.

2 July – Solar Eclipse is at 16º25 Gemini, Ardra nakshatra. Gemini can over think issues and is indecisive being pulled in differing directions. Ardra can be self-destructive and has anger issues. The solar eclipse can make a small problem appear huge, so it is crucial that you do not allow energies to take control and spoil life for you. Exercise restraint, and it will be rewarding.

The total eclipse is visible in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador. These countries will be dealing with changes, political volatility, extreme weather, and more. The rest of the world is dealing with the eclipse as a silent factor; therefore, unsettled energy can come as a surprise, or unplanned events can happen.

On a personal level, all of us will feel the impact of the eclipse. We need to keep 2 July simple – do not add on pressures through overdoing your activities.

If your birthday is near 2 July, then you can expect changes. Those with Sun Moon and Ascendant in Gemini are going through some significant changes, some planned, others unexpected.

Watch My Two Videos on Eclipses on YouTube

2 JULY Solar Eclipse in Gemini and How it Impacts YOU:


Saturn Ketu & Sun Rahu Conflict

9 July – Another significant conjunction and opposition. Sun Rahu will conjoin in Gemini, and Saturn Ketu are opposing it in Sagittarius – another major conflict sowing seeds of disharmony – all are potent planets and are not giving ground to each other. Sun Rahu conjunction and Sun Saturn conjunctions happen once a year; however, all of them occurring together along with Saturn with Ketu – it very stressful and disturbing. And this is preceded by a solar eclipse, and lunar eclipse is following on. To add to these issues, Mercury is in war with Mars from 7th to 9th and Mercury turning retrograde.

It is essential to treat the first half of the month with restraint, patience, making sure to keep your life simple and as stress-free as you can make it. Then when there is turbulence you have more capacity to cope.

The signs impacted are Gemini and Sagittarius as they are hosting the planets. Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius as their rulers are involved in the clash.

Dramatic Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius:
Ketu's Tight Embrace:

Mars Debilitated in Cancer and War with Mercury

22 June to 8 August 2019 – Mars in Cancer

Mars continues debilitated in Cancer. It will not be too fiery and aggressive. Aries and Scorpio can act contrary to their nature. They need to take care of their health and spend time contemplating how to improve their wellness. Mars goes into war with Mercury from 7th to 9 July – a conflict between acting which Mars likes to do and the need to analyse which Mercury does. War means that both planets are not thinking in the right way, so it is best to avoid taking any significant action, delay decisions till Mars leaves Cancer as so much volatility does not allow for reasoned thinking.

Mars will travel through gandanta on 7 to 9 August – so this is an uncertain time.

Exhausted Mars Debilitated in Cancer:

Warring Mercury in Cancer:

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