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Planetary News April 2019 from Komilla Sutton

Crazy Highs and Lows

Planets are all over the place in April. We have exaltations of Sun and Venus, while Jupiter remains gandanta all month and Jupiter Saturn both turn retrograde. Both Jupiter and Saturn’s speeds are very slow – so life may appear at a standstill.

We all must navigate the positive with the challenging at the same time –being patience, don’t get too excited with opportunities while avoid being disappointed when life does not work out the way you want it to – this month is like that.

Key Dates in April are:

Jupiter remains gandanta all month.

  • 5th - New Moon in Pisces 21Pis11 Revati - Chaitra Shukla Pratipada
  • 6th - Vasant Navaratri -
  • 10th - Jupiter turns retrograde 0Sag14 Mula 4
  • 11th - Mercury re-enters Pisces its debilitation sign
  • 13th-14th - Sun goes through Gandanta
  • 14th - Sun enters Aries its exaltation sign
  • 15th - Venus enters Pisces its exaltation sign
  • 19th - Full Moon in Libra
  • 22nd - Jupiter Rx re-enters Scorpio Jyeshta
  • 29th - Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius

NOTE: All timing is for California/West Coast PST.

Sun – Unsettled, Gandanta and Exalted

Sun has a very interesting journey in April, from being unsettled in Pisces, to Gandanta through Pisces and Aries and finally exaltation in Aries.

To 14 April - Sun in Pisces is hampered in April as its ruler Jupiter is in Gandanta. Sun represents our identity and its unsettled energy can be impact on how we feel about ourselves. Takes away the confidence. It is important to remember that this is a short transit, so we need to keep our balance and not allow this energy to impact us fully.

13 to 14 April - Sun will go through Gandanta. This is unsettled but as Sun is going to a great place in Aries, this unsettling is positive.

Both Gandanta and Sun in Pisces needs a more spiritual attitude to life.

14 April to 15 May - Sun in Aries is very uplifting and positive and helps all of us deal with the other more unsettled energies. It brings light of understanding, poise and courage. Leo will experience the best of this transit, Aries and Scorpio too benefit. All of us bathe in the warmth of the Sun’s positive energy.

Venus Exalted in Pisces, BUT...

15 APRIL to 19 MAY

We always look forward to Venus’s exaltation in Pisces. This year it is weakened by its ruler Jupiter being in Gandanta to 6 May. Venus only gets 6 to 10 May when it can give its full impact. Otherwise, its foundation is not sound which affects its ability to deliver.

Jupiter - All Month in Gandanta Retrograde and Direct

Jupiter dips its toes into Sagittarius and connects with Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius for a short while. It is a rare conjunction. Last time they were together was in Feb 1962 in Capricorn. Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter will be together in again from November 2019 to January 2020.

Jupiter is in a long and rare Gandanta to 6 May 2016. It will retrograde on 10 April at 0º14 Sagittarius and therefore remains in Gandanta for around 7 weeks. This is a major destabilizing factor for world issues too. Jupiter moves back into Scorpio on 22 April.

Sagittarius Pisces will feel it most as their Lagna Lord/Moon lord is going through this unstable time. All of us must take care as many aspects are joining together – all that promote instability.

Key dates are:

  • 10th April – Jupiter turns retrograde. Due to retrograde Jupiter has slowed down, therefore will move slowly out of Gandanta –10 April is the correct date, as last month I inadvertently gave it as 11
  • 21 April – Jupiter retrogrades back to Scorpio
  • 5 May – Jupiter out of Gandanta

Jupiter's Short Dip into Sagitarius

Jupiter's Intense Gandanta Transit

Saturn Retrograde and Ketu Togetherness Begins


Saturn retrograde on 29 April will close the distance between Saturn and Ketu and they begin their long togetherness. So far, they have been moving in opposite directions, but with this conjunction, they will both be in the same direction plus moving towards a very tight embrace which will pose many challenges for the world and us.

Saturn will slow down and if you have Moon or planets at 26º Sagittarius, then this is going to be stressful. All of us will feel the intensity of Saturn as it slows down, and the speed of thing may reduce and often projects just do not get finished.

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