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Planetary News September 2018 from Komilla Sutton

Venus in Libra Brings Joy, Last Mars Ketu Conjunction

September is a good month with many planets in dignity. Sun in Leo to 17 September, Venus in Libra, Mars in Capricorn and from 19 Sept, Mercury is exalted. We still must deal with some complexities like the Mars Ketu conjunction and a short spell of Kal Sarpa Yoga from 6 to 20 September.

Key Dates in September

  • 1 September – Venus enters its own sign of Libra to 1 January 2019
  • 2 September - Mercury goes through Gandanta and moves into Leo, Magha Nakshatra until September 19, 2018
  • 6 September - Saturn turns direct 3.29pm 8º Sagittarius, Mula Nakshatra
  • 7 September – Kal Sarpa Yoga by transit until 20th
  • 9 September – New Moon 11.32pm 22º Leo, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
  • 17 September – Sun moves to Virgo, until October 17th
  • 19 September - Mercury moves into Virgo where it is exalted, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, until October 6th
  • 20 September – Moon breaks Kal Sarpa Yoga
  • 21 September - Sun conjunct Mercury
  • 22 September – Mars conjunct Ketu (mean node), last of the three conjunctions in 2018, 8º Capricorn, Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra
  • 22 September – Shani Trayodashi, day to worship Lord Shani. When Saturn and Trayodashi Tithi combine, it is a very special day to worship Lord Saturn
  • 25 September - Full Moon 7º Pisces, Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

The Joyous Venus in Libra to 1 January 2019

Venus has a long stay in Libra from September to 1 January. Four months of Venus in dignity is good news for all. Venus brings harmony, balance and happiness. Usually Venus stays in one sign for about 25 days but as it is retrograding in Libra, it prolongs to its time. I will write about retrograde Venus in October. Venus will be with Jupiter all month, two gurus’ together may bring too much of a good thing, but they can also create different view points on how to tackle the important issues of life. Bask in excessive advice and make decisions with detachment.

Fridays to 1 Jan 2019 are special as their day ruler Venus is strong. Use them positively. Especially good for celebrating relationships and love.

Venus in Libra bring transit Malavya yoga, the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, increased prosperity and wealth for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ascendants.

How this transit impacts:
  • ARIES – Venus is in their 7th house of relationships and love. If unattached this can be a good time to meet someone new. Those in relationships feel the bliss of Venus.
  • TAURUS – Venus is strong but in the 6th house, so you may be creating obstacles for yourself – find creative ways to get around them. Remain calm and detached and solutions will come to you.
  • GEMINI – Venus bringing creativity and many good ideas. Children give happiness.
  • CANCER – Transit Malavya yoga, happy, home and property is enhanced. Venus brings career opportunities too.
  • LEO –Be decisive, be confident about your projects. Friends and siblings bring positive energy.
  • VIRGO – Venus enhances finances for you. Wait till after 19th September, when Mercury goes into Virgo, then you are enjoying a very special time.
  • LIBRA – Most positive. Transit Malavya yoga brings positive energy to all areas of your life. Opportunities, general feel good factor, happiness – luck is on your side.
  • SCORPIO – As both Venus and Jupiter in your 12th sign, be selfless and give support to deserving causes. Watch your expenses and wasteful activities – then Venus will bring its positivity for you.
  • SAGITARIUS – are dealing with Saturn transiting, so life is challenging. Venus brings financial rewards for all the hard work and struggle of the past few months.
  • CAPRICORN - enjoy the transit Malavya yoga, this is a great time for career opportunities and you can expect to be noticed at work. Your efforts will be recognized and is possible to get promoted too.
  • AQUARIUS – Venus is in the sign of good luck and all the auspiciousness of goddess Lakshmi shines on you. Very constructive time.
  • PISCES – Venus and Jupiter are in the 8th sign of transformation. This is not a settled time. However, an unexpected windfall. Is possible Be fluid and flexible, you may feel restless and want to make changes but wait for now.

Last Mars Ketu Conjunction

The story of 2018 has been the long togetherness of Mars and Ketu. They have conjoined twice and the third and final time is on 22 September. Then they both head in opposite directions. Mars is finally free of its karmic issues and can move forward easily.

22 September is going to be challenging for all. Try to keep the day before and after as simple days. Not planning for too much, avoid packing your day with activity and pressures. Keep a simple routine. Mars Ketu are volatile planets, and this can easily bring negativity, anger or impulsive behavior – in extreme cases violence. Try not to be in crowded places during this transit and do not take unnecessary risks.

Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn will feel this transit most intensely. All of us will experience some challenges so we should take keep our balance.

Moon continues to Feel Pressurized

Moon is dealing with monthly pressures when it transits from Scorpio to Capricorn from May to November. Every month there are almost seven days that we need to watch for and take care of our thinking.

The reason for this anxiety is that when Moon goes into Scorpio, it transits with its debilitation sign which is not easy and then it must cross the Scorpio/ Sagittarius gandanta. As soon as it has finished, it meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius and then moves into Capricorn when first Mars and then Ketu are present. There is no break from facing these challenging planets

The Dates for the Stressed for September:

SEPTEMBER 14th to 20th

From October onwards Jupiter is in Scorpio, so the influence lessens.

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