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Happy New Year. May 2022 bring you peace, happiness and courage to deal with the challenges life throws. I wish you all the grace of Dhairya, self-control, calmness in the face of crisis, and developing a mindset of patience and courage.

January 2022 remains unsettled as Rahu Ketu continues with the Kal Sarpa, and when Moon breaks it, we have the isolated Moon, which does not allow the mind to feel supported. We have the two retrogrades of Venus and Mercury to deal with still. Jupiter goes into Shatabhishak – see below.

Venus in Sagittarius, Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius bring precious energy to Cancer (Ascendant and Moon). So, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter create an Adhi yoga of success and prosperity by being in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Cancer. This is a rare Adhi yoga by transit as it lasts for two months until March 2022.

Panchanga January 2022

Key dates in January compiled by Keiko Shanti. (

- All times listed are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
- Mean nodes are used.

1 January
Rahu aspects Mercury 5°19 Taurus to 5°19 Capricorn 10:05 pm.
(Rahu will aspect Mercury three times in January/February, due to Mercury retrograde.)

2 January
Jupiter enters Shatabhishak Nakshatra 6°40 Aquarius 10:20 am.
New Moon 18°10 Sagittarius, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 6:33 pm.

9 January
Sun-Venus conjunction 24°33 Sagittarius, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra 00:36 am.

13 January
Kal Sarpa Yoga temporarily ends at 00:51 am with Moon moving out of Rahu Ketu axis – creating Kemadruma yoga (isolated Moon) (until 27th of January).

14 January
Sun enters Capricorn (until 12 February) at 9:00 am.
Makar Sankranti
Mercury turns retrograde 16°10 (until 4th of February when it turns direct at 0°12 Capricorn) 11:42 am.

16 January
Mars enters Sagittarius (until 26th of February) at 11:01 am.
Mars goes through Gandanta from 15th of January, 8:21 am until 17th of January, 2:13 pm.

17 January
Full Moon 3°40 Cancer, Pushya Nakshatra 11:47 pm.

18 January
Rahu aspects Sun 4°25 Taurus to 4°25 Capricorn 5:07 pm.

23 January
Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury 9°13 Capricorn, Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra 10:21 am.

27 January
Kal Sarpa Yoga re-starts with Moon conjunct Ketu 4:26 am (until 9th of February).
Rahu aspects retrograde Mercury 3°56 Taurus to 3°56 Capricorn 7:59 pm.

29 January
Venus turns direct at 16°54 Sagittarius 8:48 am.



30 December 2021 to 5 March 2022- Mercury in Capricorn
14 January to 4 February 2022 - Mercury Retrograde from 16°10 to 0°12 Capricorn
2 March – Mercury Saturn conjunction and war

Mercury has an extended stay in Capricorn – this is rare as usually, Mercury remains in a sign for 25 days or so. Annually it will remain longer in signs where it retrogrades.

The first retrograde for Mercury in 2022 is in Capricorn, and so it will remain in Capricorn for over two months – also participating in the Adhi yoga for Cancer (see above).

Mercury in Capricorn is restraint and practical. It is with Saturn in its own sign; however, it does not conjoin until later in February. Mercury starts its retrograde just shy of Saturn. Therefore, it receives support from Saturn for most retrograde without the big blocks. Mercury Saturn conjunction is on 2 March, which can be stressful.

Watch the day of Mercury retrograde on 16 January and 4 February when it turns direct. Mercury can throw up problems with communications during the retrograde, so always watch what you say. Double-check all travel plans and appointments. Gemini and Virgo are especially sensitive to retrograde, take a break from your hectic schedules and rejuvenate.


2 January to 1 March 2022

Shatabhishak nakshatra is from 6°40 to 20° Aquarius; Jupiter visits it from 2 January to 1 March 2022. Shatabhishak’s ruler is Rahu. Shat means hundred and Bhishak means demons. Abhishak means healers. The nakshatra can be both demonic and godly. Shatabhishak highlights the good and evil, both sides of man. Shatabhishak is perpetually fighting with the hostile forces within, trying to control the inner demons so that they can aspire towards the divine. Shatabhishak has unique healing qualities.

Jupiter in Shatabhishak can emphasize either side of the experience; it can bring many challenges and similar solutions. However, the Rahu rulership of Shatabhishak can at times make Jupiter follow non-traditional too and can create dissatisfaction with what life brings to us.

Jupiter is expansive by nature; he can exaggerate and create significant positive and adverse events. So he can bring healing on a large scale but also a crisis.

The real wisdom is to choose the right path with patience and calmness. Jupiter brings his light during these uncertain times, and we should embrace this. However, it is a short transit, so following a middle path is best.

Venus Remains Retrograde

19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022 - Venus Retrograde
8/9 January 2022 – Venus conjoins Sun in Sagittarius

Venus remains in Sagittarius throughout January 2022. On 8/9 January 2022, Venus will conjoin with the Sun and not be visible; it is refueling itself with energy from the Sun. Venus retrograde is private and personal time. The Sun is both obscuring and giving new energy to Venus. Taurus, Libra can feel burnt out – so you need to take time out to renew and rejuvenate.

Venus goes direct on 29 January in Sagittarius; it is very slow-moving. The delays of the retrograde Venus will not be quick to resolve as Venus has not gathered its speed. In February, a long conjunction with Mars will begin - look forward to the February Newsletter.


When Rahu Ketu hems in the planets, Kal Sarpa Yoga is created. Transit Kal Sarpa yoga begins on 14 December 2021 and continues intermittently to 24 April 2022.

The intermitted Kal Sarpa followed by Kemadruma brings uncertainty and imbalance. Thus, we need to act responsibly and keep our feet firmly on the ground during this time.

Kal Sarpa Yoga Dates
30 December to 13 January
27 January to 9 February
23 February to 8 March
22 March to 4 April
18 to 24 April
Kemadruma Isolated Moon Dates
13 to 26 January
9 to 23 February
8 to 22 March
4 to 18 April

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Venus continues its retrograde, Mercury retrograde and Kal Sarpa.

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