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Super Active Planets + Mars and Ketu Split Up

We are facing a busy month of planetary activity in November, Mars moves out from Capricorn, Venus goes direct, Mercury retrograde, Saturn moves into Purva Ashadha nakshatra – we must be alert to all this activity. Venus’s strength is very helpful specially when it turns direct.

Key Dates in November

  • 2nd to 4th - Mars on exaltation degree, 28 degrees Capricorn
  • 6th - Mars will move to Aquarius and finally splits from Ketu influence. Remains in Aquarius to Dec. 23
  • 6th to 7th – Amavasya ends in New Moon in Libra on 7th, Vishakha Nakshatra - Festival of Diwali
  • 16th - Sun Sankranti to Scorpio, it is out of debilitation.
  • 16th – Venus goes direct in Libra
  • 16th - Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio, Jyeshta Nakshatra, until Dec. 7
  • 16th Mars goes into Shatabhishak nakshatra
  • 22nd to 23rd – Purnima tithi exact full Moon is Moon, in Taurus is on 23rd, Krittika Nakshatra
  • 25th - Sun conjuncts Jupiter Anuradha Nakshatra
  • 27th - Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx, Scorpio, Anuradha Nakshatra
  • 27th - Saturn changes Nakshatra from Mula to Purva Ashadha
  • 27th - Mercury Rx conjuncts Jupiter, 10º Scorpio, Anuradha Nakshatra. This is the second of three Mercury/Jupiter conjunctions in 2018, the 3rd is on Dec. 21.
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NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

Mars in Aquarius

6 October to 23 December 2018

Mars in Aquarius is finally free of Ketu. The sign after the exaltation sign of the planet is not considered the best transit, as the planet comes down from his high and best position of exaltation. Yet we can regard Mars in Aquarius as positive as it is finally free of Ketu’s influence. Ketu brought karmic issues to Mars and two intense planets together in Capricorn was not easy of the world plus the three Mars Ketu conjunctions were disruptive.

Mars in Aquarius is free from all influences, so feels ready to take on its tasks. Aquarius is about world issues and looking to heal the stresses. Is Mars able to do that? If we take Mars in the role of the protector and defender of the weak – it can. However, if we allow Mars anger and frustrations to shine, then we can create trouble for ourselves. We need to remain careful about Saturn’s aspect on Aquarius which causes Mars to be disorderly and create unexpected flareups.

Venus and Mercury: Retrograde and Direct

Venus and Mercury share the month in two different moods. To 16 Nov, Venus is retrograde, and Mercury is direct and on the same day Venus turns direct while Mercury goes retrograde. Venus retrograde is rarer as it happens once every two years while Mercury retrogrades at least three times of the year.

Venus is thinking of the past, holding back and internalizing. But it is strong and powerful in its own sign Libra – we feel its impact strongly. Taurus and Libra experience it most and when Venus goes direct – they will be raring to move forward and make important changes in their life. After 16 Nov, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn enjoy the empowering Malavya Mahapurusha yoga by transit. Gemini and Aquarius also feel its beneficence.

Aries – Aries will gain from relationships and love.

Taurus – Taurus does not enjoy this transit though ruler is strong, it is in the 6th house of obstacles.

Gemini – Gemini feels creative and full of ideas. Good news about children.

Cancer – Cancer will feel happy , enjoy a peaceful time at home.

Leo – Leo - Venus is helping strengthen their lagna lord Sun to 16th, but it can also make them communicate in an odd way. Things become clearer after 16th.

Virgo – Virgo enjoys financial success. A great time to plan long term savings.

Libra – Libra feels blessed overall as ascendant ruler showering many opportunities. General feel-good factor is high.

Scorpio – Scorpio need sto watch their expenses and Venus is making them feel overly generous.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius can gain financially and get good news about a raise in salary or profits. However due to Saturn’s transit in their lagna, life has many challenges.

Capricorn – Capricorn can get amazing success in their career. Good luck is knocking, so allow it in.

Aquarius – Venus is transiting their 9th house of good luck – so it is a special time, many of the heart’s desires can come true.

Pisces – Venus can bring unexpected windfalls.

All the above signs should take advantage of what opportunities opening for them after 16 November and be patient till then. You can study from Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs.

Mercury is in Scorpio all month. This is not the best sign for it and it is in the mood to transform and change thing. However, as Mercury is with Jupiter’s influence, it will not be too disruptive. When it retrogrades on 16th, it can bring the desire to transform. Take care of how you communicate. There can be crossed wires, missed appointments, if traveling, then double check all the arrangements. Jupiter will help Mercury think in the right way even when it is energy is retrograde. This can bring many ideas outside the traditional which can flourish – not all will appreciate.

  • Gemini experience this transit in their 6th house and Jupiter is there as well – they may find obstacles and restrictions. Your judgement may not be working clearly, so take care in making decisions.
  • Virgo has Mercury in the third house, when it retrogrades you may be pushed to connect in different ways – it may be so unconventional, that is surprises.

Days to Watch - 6th, 16th, and 27th of November

November has days full of contradictory planetary energy, and we need to navigate them as too many opposing influences confusing us. If in doubt – best to wait.

6th – New Moon in Libra and Mars changes to Aquarius after a long stay in Capricorn away from Ketu’s influence. Both are promising a fresh approach to life. USA midterm elections is on this day. The public are seeking a new way to bring balance their life. Mars in Aquarius can focus them on global, environmental issues too.

16th – is extremely busy. Venus turns direct, Mercury retrograde, Sun changes signs to Scorpio, Mars moves to Shatabhishak nakshatra. Too many influences, you can feel very energized and confused at the same time, give yourself a day or two for these energies to settle down.

27th – Saturn moves to Purva Ashadha and Jupiter Mercury conjunction. Saturn finally leaves Mula and will return there only after 29 years. Now in Purva Ashadha. If you have Moon, Sun, Ascendant or other planets in Purva Ashadha – you can expect some tough choices. Intense Sade Sati for Moon in Purva Ashadha. Plus, Mercury Jupiter make their second conjunction, this can give clash of ideas or wisdom to think in a different way so that you can bring about change.

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