Prediction Techniques Course

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Prediction Techniques Foundation Course - Level Three
Next Course Begins on 13 March to 27 November 2019

Level Three Training

Level Three Training to be a Vedic Astrologer and augment personal development through this ancient knowledge.

Three Modules - 36 Lessons
Lessons are 1-1/2 Hours Each


The goal of this course is to train and increase the skill level of Counselors and teachers of Vedic Astrology in the techniques of prediction. This is the final step in overall study of Jyotish.


This is a level three course and will deal with prediction (Dashas, Ashtakavarga, Gochara, Varshaphal), Prashna, Muhurta Panchanga, Upaye, Ethics, Relationships, Upagraha, Aprakash Graha, Debilitated planets, how to set up a Vedic Astrology practice and Chart Interpretations using techniques learned and acquired in Level One and Level Two courses.

To take this course, knowledge of Vedic Astrology is essential, as advanced topics will be taught.

  • A homework assignment will be given at the end of each class.
  • All classes will be recorded and available to download.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

2019 Schedule

There are two times of day to choose from for each webinar - one that for the United States and one more suitable for the UK and Europe. Typically these are set at 7pm Pacific and 7pm GMT.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

13 March 27 november 2019

Wednesdays Only 7 pm Pacific | 7 pm GMT

Included in the price for The Vedic Astrology Rules of Interpretation Course:

  • Tuition
  • Download of the Recordings after the class


Register early for the best price. Prices Increase at each of the following periods:

Early Bird Rate: to 11/21/2018 - $1300
Rate 2: 11/21/2018 - 1/21/2019 - $1400
Full Price: 1/21/2019 through course start - $1500


$100 service charge on all refunds before 1/21/2019. NO Refunds after 1/21/2019.

Enroll in Prediction Techniques Foundation Course - Level Three

*Optional Set of Manuals for Prediction Techniques Course

Download of Manuals available immediately upon purchase.

*Optional Set of 36 PowerPoint Presentations for Prediction Techniques Course
$108 (will be available for download after each class)

What Former Students Say...

As a beginner student, I feel this class is giving me a great foundation. Komilla explains the material piece by piece which helps one assimilate the information. I really enjoy setting the tone for the class by chanting the mantras in the beginning of each lesson. It also helps to understand the material when she explains it not only by analyzing our chart but by also reviewing charts of public figures. I look forward to year two!
LM, UAE, 2015
As a beginner student, I feel this class is giving me a great foundation. Komilla explains the material piece by piece which helps one assimilate the information. I really enjoy setting the tone for the class by chanting the mantras in the beginning of each lesson. It also helps to understand the material when she explains it not only by analyzing our chart but by also reviewing charts of public figures. I look forward to year two!
DC, USA, 2017
Komilla’s three year program is very well structured and progresses in a way that makes this complex subject easier to learn. Komilla has a vast knowledge of Jyotish and is very patient with her students and encourages their questions. Every week the current topic is also looked at in the student’s chart and this gives an invaluable insight into one’s own chart. I highly recommend this program as it has enhanced my life in so many ways.
MAV, USA, 2017
I am so honored, blessed and lucky to be part of Komilla’s Class. I felt like it’s been a calling for me…Komilla just held my hand and pushed me inside in this vast ocean of astrology…I am diving deep into it and finding the treasure which were unknown to me. I started understanding myself and the other people in deeper sense…I can understand where it is coming from how our birth can be an important factor in our life what we are …how we can understand in much better way and improve our life just knowing certain things about us and can work on. Komilla like a surgeon technically dissects the chart in death and shows you in and out of this ancient wisdom she deals the astrology in more philosophical way than just only technically. I would love Komilla forever for this wonderful gift she has given me…Thank you so much from the deepest core my heart for this beautiful gift.
RS, India, 2015
I have been studying with Komilla for many years from the Beginners course up to the Advanced courses and I can say that the continuous studies of Jyotish embellished and improved my life very much. The knowledge of Jyotish doesn't end with the fundamentals - the beginners course ís the door opener of a never ending adventure of diving deep - and the adventure of knowing yourself better (this is one of the biggest benefits of the Advanced Courses as Komilla discusses the topics based on the student's charts). Komilla is a great teacher who shares her profound knowledge with her students in a unique way. She knows how to impart profound topics in a structured and comprehensible way and the manuals and the downloads of the courses will enable you to go back to the topics even later - you will get your knowledge for life. I always had the feeling of getting the maximum support of Komilla. If you like studying and if you are looking for some fun (yes, it really is!) I can highly recommend Komilla’s webinars.
PP, Germany, 2017
Since the time we first met Komilla Sutton at Rishikesh in March 2015 we have been her students of Jyotisha - Vedic Astrology. Her online Webinar classes are very well structured. The content of each lesson is well designed to combine Jyotisha and Spirituality. This blending is important for understanding the deeper personality. She is very giving. In the yearly conferences she unselfishly brings in other experts to deliver master lectures. At the same time she gives opportunity to her students (Young Talents) to present and express themselves and evolve. We adore her as a person and love her as a dedicated teacher. We are so happy to continue our study with her.
Mr. & Mrs. SN, India, 2017
With Komilla, it is a spiritual journey as well as intense learning of Vedic astrology. The classes start with the chanting of the Mantras and that in itself has brought peace to my troubled mind. With great gentleness and empathy, Komilla unfolds and brings to light systematically, our life challenges we must face courageously due to our past Karmas (interpretative and predictive) and how we can soften the impact (remedial). Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!
TR, USA, 2017
I had studied Jyotish for 5 years and read all of Komilla's books. I decided that I had enough background to study with Komilla in her Fundamentals class. I followed along well but her knowledge and insights helped to fortify my knowledge. The accompanying text is very thorough and could easily be a book. I highly recommend taking the Fundamental class Komilla is a marvelous teacher and gives thought provoking assignments to reinforce the principles being taught.ecommend this course.  I look forward to studying with her for many years to come.
MB, USA, 2017
Komilla’s lessons are interesting, deep, rich with examples, and very informative. She has the ability to present complex topics of Vedic astrology in a simplified and modern way, adjusted to times that we live in. Every lesson takes us, her students, into deeper understanding of ourselves and karma that we brought into this lifetime. The lessons provide excellent guidance and give different perspective on life. I feel very grateful to study with her, and to gain precious knowledge of Jyotish in these challenging times that we live in.ecommend this course.  I look forward to studying with her for many years to come.
TP, Spain, 2017
Rules of Interpretation much like the Foundations course is rich in detail but far more in depth and intricate than its predecessor. Komilla as a teacher is rich in vedic teachings, articulate and kindly helpful. Learning in a live online classroom is so accessible and makes all the difference being able to ask in the moment questions to which Komilla is a true fountain of knowledge.
MA, Australia, 2017
I have taken all of Komilla's courses. She has organised them in an easy to follow, interactive, and engaging manner, with a wealth of information. Anyone taking the courses, can be sure to receive a breadth of jyotish knowledge, which would otherwise take years to find. I highly recommend.
AL, United Kingdom, 2019
Studying foundation with Komilla has been a beautiful life enriching experience. The deep knowledge of jyotish she holds, that I’d previously touched upon in her books, has been brought to life in person. The weekly webinars have not only helped me to begin to grasp the fundamentals by insightful glimpses into our charts but has given me a spiritual grounding for the knowledge which is a source of comfort. Clarity of the science the has finally begun to unfold, along with to a deeper understanding of self.
M<, United Kingdom, 2017
My experience in Komilla Sutton's Foundations of Vedic Astrology course has been incredible. Her ability to clearly articulate the ideas behind this profound science has allowed me to approach the subject like never before. Although there will always be more to learn with Jyotish, Komilla's class has truly helped me to lay a strong foundation for what will become a lifelong practice. I could not recommend this course more highly.
NS, USA, 2017
After a few years of studying Vedanta, I realized that I could achieve a deeper understanding of myself and how I live in the world through Vedic Astrology. I have found by taking the Foundation Course with Komilla Sutton, my spiritual self continues to unfold before my eyes on a deeper level than I could ever have imagined. Komilla teaches with a depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that is hard to find in the western world. I entered the Foundation Course with no prior knowledge of Jyotish and with the layers of lessons, mantra and personal sharing, Komilla makes it possible to comprehend and apply the knowledge to daily life. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to learn Vedic Astrology.
EP, USA, 2017
Komilla's Introductory class provides a wealth of information, in easily understood sections, to better understand the role of Vedic Astrology in our lives and the world around us. This knowledge is incredibly powerful on its own, or in conjunction with complementary studies in yoga, meditation, or Ayurveda. Highly recommended to anyone looking to deepen their awareness and sensitivities.
LZ, USA, 2017
I have been studying with Komilla for three years, and I recommend her and her courses without reservation. The depth and breadth of her jyotish knowledge is beyond compare, and so too is her spiritual wisdom. Through Komilla I feel I have learned many skills useful in my jyotish practice and, even more importantly, I have gained wisdom and deeper insight into myself; as it has been said, you can only go as deep into another’s chart as you have into your own.
AS, Canada, 2017
I have very much enjoyed learning about Vedic Astrology. Komilla breaks down this vast field into smaller bites so that the learner can build upon his/her knowledge weekly. She is always open to questions and feedback. One of the best features of this course is that it is a LIVE course! Many other programs are self paced, recorded information. Komilla takes each student's chart and reviews it live. Lastly, this isn't just a Vedic Astrology course, we've been learning about Indian culture and Hinduism. How wonderful to have such a comprehensive course.
WC, USA, 2017
I spent two years trying to navigate the deep waters of Jyotish by reading books and taking various courses but still felt lost in the subject.  I am grateful that I finally found Komilla’s Foundation Course as it has given me a firm footing in Jyotish.  The classes are live which makes it possible to directly ask her questions.  She also applies the week’s lesson to each student’s chart, which is an incredible opportunity to gain a deeper insight into one’s self while learning the rules of astrology.  Komilla is very generous with her time and knowledge and I highly recommend this course.  I look forward to studying with her for many years to come.
MV, USA, 2015
Attending as a non native speaker the classes of the Foundation Course with Komilla I feel quite gifted by the presentation Komilla gives every week to us. The lessons are well structured, presented and explained in an easy way to approach this ancient knowledge. Komilla gives us her wide Vedic knowledge without holding back any secrets and support you with various remedies like mantra practices etc.t to bring lightness to your own soul.
MM, Germany, 2015
From the very first Foundations class when Komilla said in a refreshingly straightforward manner "I will be your Jyotisha Guru,” I knew I was in the right place for me. Her knowledge is vast, yet she is constantly learning and open to new ideas. Her teaching is extraordinarily clear and helpful. I have found that for the first time I can look at a friends chart and have some basic tools to work with without being totally overwhelmed and getting lost in the complexity of it all. Last but not least, her warmth and her smile light up the cosmos.
CA, USA, 2015
I find that your classes are taught in a very methodical way, building each layer in a systematic way. I love starting each class with Mantras, this has given me very positive energy. I enjoy the easy manner in which the class is taught, no pressure, learning at our own pace...your understanding of everyone's day to day difficulties with life and flexibility given to us. I find your classes are very soothing, they act as a balm and have a healing quality. You take the fear of difficult planets away and present it in a positive way, telling us instead how to deal with it.  Thank you, Komilla, for taking me on as a student.
TR, USA, 2015
Komilla’s jyotish course sequence is a great way to learn not only about jyotish but also about ourselves. In each course Komilla applies the jyotish principles we just learned to each of our charts which is a great way to make the concepts practical and real. If you ever tried to study from books and found that dry and difficult, you’ll love the interactive webinar format.
DI, USA, 2015
I love that Komilla starts each class with mantras. Before I began her classes I didn’t really recite mantras but over the years have realized what a beneficial effect they have on me. Komilla makes each lesson clear and easy to understand. She stops frequently to see if we have any questions. Komilla applies most of the lessons to our own personal charts, which I find to be very helpful...
JR, USA, 2013
Komilla presents an engaging interactive course into jyotish astrology via web-in-air. Over a three year period using weekly classes you are taken step by step through a foundation course, rules of interpretation and prediction techniques which helps the student by using a systematic approach. A personal connection is made, thus when questions arise one can be guided to the required knowledge or understanding. Using your own chart helps deepen understanding as one's own chart comes to life. Komilla is dedicated in her teaching and has created a system of learning that delivers this ancient science.
AH, Australia, 2014
Komilla, thank you for your personal attention throughout the past three year’s Webinar courses; I have enjoyed each week, and am looking forward to your next Level IV course starting in June. The beginning of each class, with beautiful, color photographs from India, and opening Mantras is very calming and conducive to learning the basics and the esoteric techniques, and to gaining spiritual insight. Your format is easy to follow and pleasant. The Webinar format has allowed me to practice chanting Mantras in the privacy of my home...
JS, Northern Cailfornia, 2013
Komilla, thank you for the foundation course 2013. It is not only your deep knowledge, that I only can imagine. It becomes so wonderful throught your intuition and because it seems to be coming from your heart. Again, many many thanks! It is like a treasure for life...
FS, Germany, 2014

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