Prediction Course

Prediction Techniques Course Syllabus

10 March to 10 November 2021 — Wednesdays Only - 6pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

Week 1

Overview of the Course and we begin advanced learning of Vimshottari Dasha system. The birth chart suggests passive influences you have brought into your life, past life karmic issues that form part of your character. Which of these will become prominent in this life have to be seen through the Dasha system.

Week 2

Dasha continues.

Week 3

Gochara, the transits to include Jupiter good transits and Saturn's Challenging one including sade sati,, daily, monthly, yearly movement of the planets and how they effect and change the quality of the chart.

Week 4

Gochara or transits.

Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8

Combining Rashi, Gochara, Ashtakavarga together.

Week 9

Prashna, the divine question. Learning to understand the chart of the moment a question is asked.

Week 10


Week 11


Week 12


Week 13

Relationships Compatibility including Kuta system.

Week 14


Week 15


Week 16


Week 17


Week 18


Week 19

Panchanga, the five limbs of the day.

Week 20

Muhurta, rules for electing auspicious time.

Week 21


Week 22

Aprakash Graha: Shadows of the Sun.

Week 23

Upagraha, sub planets including Gulika and Maandi.

Week 24

Neecha Debilitated planets.

Week 25

Varshaphal is the fruits of the year, an annual chart is constructed to give us specific information, what the year holds for us. There are two types of Varshaphal, solar return and tithi pravesh. Solar return is known usually as Varshaphal and it studies the sun when it goes back to the natal position annually. Tithi Pravesh is when the Sun and Moon are in the same angle as the birth chart.

Week 26

Tithi Pravesh.

Week 27

Tithi Pravesh.

Week 28


Week 29


Week 30


Week 31


Week 32

Setting up your Vedic Astrology practice.

Week 33

Ethics and Upaye.

Week 34

Upaye - remedial measures, the different ways to improve the birth chart.

Week 35

Chart Analysis using personal Panchanga, yoga, vargas, badhaka, shadvarga, dasha, transits, ashtakavarga, etc.
Using all the techniques learned from levels 1 - 3 will be synthesized here.

Week 36

Chart Analysis


All Classes will be recorded and available for download.

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