Techniques to Interpret Vimshottari Dasha

Techniques to Interpret Vimsottari Dasha Course Syllabus

14 March to 28 November — Thursdays Only-7pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

Week 1

Introduction to Vedic Relationships. Karma and relations. Past life connections.

Week 2

What does the Rashi chart promises in the birth chart. Important houses connected to Relationships.

Week 3

Seventh House – signs that rules the house, karaka, planets in the house.

Week 4

Seventh House – (continues)

Week 5

Venus – Karaka of the 7th house and Jupiter – how to use them effectively. Moon in the natal chart and what it says about relationships – the importance of lunar yogas.

Week 6

Mars and Kuja ( Mangalik) dosha – how it affects marriage and relationships. Timing when Kuja dosha is most intense. Cancellation of Kuja dosha. Remedies for Kuja dosha.

Week 7

8th house in longevity and breakup of relationships.

Week 8

2nd house and second marriage. Rules to study multiple relationships and marriage. Affairs and relationships outside marriage.

Week 9

Jaimini Dara Karaka and other chara karaka and their impact on relationships, Arudha, Dara Pada and Upapada.

Week 10

Upapada and relationships.

Week 11

Argala and Badhaka .

Week 12

Aspects of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter - how they impact relationships.


All Classes will be recorded and available for download.

Week 13

Drekkana and sexuality.

Week 14

Navamsha examined in detail from relationship point of view.

Week 15


Week 16


Week 17

Navamsha – 64 navamsha and its role in breakup of relationships.

Week 18

Kuta system of compatibility.

Week 19

Kuta system of compatibility.

Week 20

SKuta system of compatibility.

Week 21

Kuta system of compatibility.

Week 22

Kuta system of compatibility.

Week 23

Nadi Nakshatra and relationships.

Week 24

Nadi Nakshatra and compatibility.

Week 25

Panchanga - how Tithi can influence quality of relationships.

Week 26

Panchanga – Tithi and Dagdha Rashi.

Week 27

Panchanga – Electing auspicious time for marriage.

Week 28

Panchanga – Electing auspicious time for marriage.

Week 29

Dasha – when will they happen. Love, meeting, marriage, breakups, challenging times.

Week 30

Dasha (continues).

Week 31

Transits and their influences – how they can support or challenge the dashas.

Week 32

Remedial measures – Healing your relationships – through spiritual practices, deeper understanding of your personal issues, gemstones and more.

Week 33

Remedial measures – Healing your relationships.

Week 34

Analysis using all the relationship techniques.

Week 35

Analysis using all the relationship techniques.

Week 36

Analysis using all the relationship techniques.

  All Classes will be recorded and available for download.

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