Rules Course

Rules of Interpretation Course Syllabus

9 March to 9 November 21 — Tuesdays Only - 6pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

Week 1

The overview of the Course, The important aspects we must remember regarding Rules for interpretations. We begin with Nabhasa Yogas, the special planetary connections formed in the sky. There are four different categories of Nabhasa Yogas called Ashraya, Dala, Akriti and Sankhya. Each category has a sub category making 32 Nabhasa yogas.

Week 2

Nabhasa Yoga continued plus analysing other important yogas like Saraswati, Budha Aditya and more.

Week 3

Goddess yogas and Parivartana Yoga.

Week 4

Trimurti Yoga, Rahu Ketu Yogas- Guru Chandala, Kal Sarpa and Sarpa Yoga.

Week 5

Using other varga charts in interpretation - Navamsha is the most important of the divisional chart. Knowing how to interpret it and work with the Rashi chart is the essence of interpretation. We will discuss Vargotamma, Pushkara, Rashi Tulya, bhava suchaka and many techniques of using navamsha properly.

Week 6

Navamsha deals with relationships, type of partner, will the soul achieve its desires, Dharma of an individual.

Week 7

Navamsha continues.

Week 8

Navamsha analysis.

Week 9

Saptamsha Varga for Children, how many, what is the quality of relationship with them.

Dashamshaa for career, type of career,  strengths and weaknesses of career, timing of changes in career, info about bosses, peers and subordinates.

Week 10

Dwadashamsha Varga Chart for past lives , issues we inherit, timing of past life problems and relationship with parents.

Week 11

Shastiamsha, the 60th varga and Vimshopaka, the strength in depth of the Vargas and special strengths of planets known as Visheshika amshas. More on Panchanga - studying Dagdha Rashi or burnt houses. How they effect the quality of the houses they rule. More on Panchanga - Yogi, duplicate yogi and ava yogi planets. Yogi planets are extremely positive ones while ava yogi create problems.

Week 12

Badhaka signs- Badha means block and certain signs and their rulers can create blocks. How to interpret them.

Week 13

Panchanga techniques - Studying Dagdha Rashi or burnt houses. How they affect the quality of the houses they rule.

Week 14

Panchanga Techniques - Yogi, Duplicate yogi and ava yogi planets. Yogi planets are extremely positive ones while ava yogi creates problems. Karaka means the doer, the significator.

Week 15

Karakas are the essential tool for Vedic astrologers. Planets take on the mantle of the karakas. These karakas drive the chart in fulfilling the soul's demands. Specific areas of life have different karakas. Karakas - Sthira, Naisargika and chara. Introduction to Atmakaraka, the most important significator which deals with soul and its desires and lessons.

Week 16

The 8 Chara Karakas- Atma, Amatya, Bhratri, Matru, Pitri, Putra, Gnati and Dara karaka.

Week 17


Week 18


Week 19

Graha and Rashi Drishti.

Week 20

Gulika and Maandi.

Week 21

Shadbala, the 6 fold strength of the planet and the karmic structure of the chart. The six strengths of the chart are Sthana Bala or Residential Strength, Dig Bala or Directional Strength, Kala Bala or Temporal Strength, Chesta Bala or Motional Strength,  Naisargika Bala or Natural Strength and Drik Bala or Aspect strength.

Week 22

Shadbala, the 6 strengths continues.

Week 23

Shadbala, the 6 strengths continues.

Week 24

Shadbala, the 6 strengths continues.

Week 25

Bhavat Bhavam, Arudha and its pada.

Week 26

Arudha Lagna plus Upapada.

Week 27

Retrograde Planets.

Week 28

Introduction to Nadi Nakshatras - Nadi means pulse using special nakshatras for natal analysis, dasha and transits.

Week 29

Chart Analysis Basics.

Week 30


Week 31

2 to 3 Bhava.

Week 32

4 to 6 Bhava.

Week 33

7 to 10 Bhava.

Week 34

11 and 12 Bhava. Dasha.

Week 35

Transits and Sade Sati.

Week 36

Transits and Remedial measures, fasting, and mantras - What Gems to prescribe as remedial measures. What to watch out for. How to prescribe mantras, knowledge about japa, maha mantras and calming the mind. What are the important fasts and how to get the best out of them.


All Classes will be recorded and available for download.

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