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Use the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology to get a deeper understanding of yourself – promote well being, emotional stability & deal with the crisis.

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India Trip 2019

SOLD OUT2019 India Trip

TWENTY-SEVEN NAKSHATRA TEMPLES TRIP | A rare pilgrminage - many grand temples - the highlight though, will be smaller remote temples - so beautiful & powerful.

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Vedic Astrology Fresh Talents Conference

2018 Conference

SAN FRANCISCO | 2 to 7 November

The upcoming conference will be held in San Francisco and includes an International faculty.

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Live Ganesh from India Trips with Komilla

2019 Courses

Four levels of intensive courses: Foundation, Rules of Interpretation, Prediction Techniques and Advanced subjects. Learn "Live" via webinar.

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Recordings by Komilla

COURSES, LECTURES & WORKSHOP recordings. Foundation, Nakshatra, Saturn, Lunar Nodes and others. Purchase & DOWNLOAD Instantly..

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Nakshatras - Stars Beyond the Zodiac, Essentials of Vedic Astrology, Personal Panchanga, the Five Source of Light & Lunar Nodes - Crisis and Redemption.

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Event News

News from Komilla - Komilla's speaking schedule with details of the events of interest to followers of Komilla and Vedic Astrology.

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Planetary News

Komilla posts a new Planetary News column each month detailing planetary trends, the impact and potential response to them.

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The Nakshatras:
The Stars Beyond the Zodiac


Library of writings and articles by Komilla Sutton from Vedic Astrology. Titles such as "Myths of Saturn" to "Relationship Compatibility" and many more.

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Past India Trips

Photos - 2003-2013 Mars Temple, Rahu Ketu Kerala, Tiruvannamalai, Shani Temple, Navagraha, Cochin Prashna, Ashtavinayaka, Chandigarh Rishkesh...

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Festivals & Fasts

All the important festivals, their importance, the astrological connections & how they are celebrated - dates for Sivaratri, Navaratri, Saturn Fasts..

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