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Use the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology to get a deeper understanding of yourself – promote well being, emotional stability & deal with the crisis.

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India Trip 2020 - Navaratri - Nine Nights of Goddess Temples Trip

NEW!2023 India Trip

February 9 - 22, 2023

Navagraha, the Nine Planetary Temples Trip Chennai, Pondicherry & Kumbakonam - Dedicated to Navagraha, Nine Planetary Temples.

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Vedic Astrology Fresh Talents Virtual Conference 2022 - Saturn

2022 Conference

February 5-8, 2022

This year's conference will be virtual and includes an International faculty with globally adjusted times.

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Live Ganesh from India Trips with Komilla

2023 Courses

Four levels of intensive courses: Foundation, Rules of Interpretation, Prediction Techniques and Advanced subjects. Learn "Live" via webinar.

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Recordings by Komilla

COURSES, LECTURES & WORKSHOP recordings. Foundation, Nakshatra, Saturn, Lunar Nodes and others. Purchase & DOWNLOAD Instantly..

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Past India Trips

A photographic journey through the many past India Trips Komilla has curated and led. You will find a cacophony of colorful adventures beginning in 2003 to Present.

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Fresh Talents Photo Gallery of Past Conferences held by Komilla

Past Conferences

View photographic moments of past Fresh Talents of Vedic astrology from 2013 to the present. Fresh Talents Conferences are often held in tandem with India Trips.

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Prior Advanced Foundation Course Manuals, Current Foundation Course Manuals and Current Foundation Course Presentations. Immediate downloads available.

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Nakshatras - Book by Komilla Sutton

The Sixteen Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology

Komilla Sutton unravels the Sixteen Vargas and their many secrets.

In Vedic astrology, the Shodasha Vargas or sixteen divisional charts are used to understand the true nature of an individual. Each Varga focuses on a different area of an individual's life, together they present the complete picture.

The Shodasha Vargas refect human awareness and include both the conscious as well as the subconscious. In Vedic astrology, the Shodasha Vargas is a specialized technique, essential to master.

For more details about Komilla's new book or to order, click below.

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Library of writings and articles by Komilla Sutton from Vedic Astrology. Titles such as "Myths of Saturn" to "Relationship Compatibility" and many more.

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Videos by Komilla

Vedic Astrology Videos by & from Komilla's Youtube Channel. Videos range from India Tours to Studying Vedic Astrology to Planetary News. Sign-up below for notification.

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Festivals & Fasts

All the important festivals, their importance, the astrological connections & how they are celebrated - dates for Sivaratri, Navaratri, Saturn Fasts...

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Planetary News

Komilla posts a new Planetary News column each month detailing planetary trends, the impact and potential response to them. Sign-up below to be notified.

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Other Vedic Astrology Books Authored by Komilla

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