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Mars Long Exaltation, Moon under Stress

Mars begins its long exaltation in Capricorn and starts its conjunctions with Ketu. Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars and Ketu in Capricorn – adds to the stress for Moon as it must transit these planets continuously. Sun remains exalted till 14 May and Venus remains in Taurus, this adds to the general positive nature of May.

Key Dates in May

  • 2 May – Mars into Capricorn and Exalted
  • 1 to 2 May- Moon debilitated
  • 3 May - Moon Gandanta
  • 4 May – Moon Saturn conjunction
  • 5 May – Moon Mars conjunction
  • 6 May - Moon Ketu conjunction
  • 9 May – Mercury into Aries
  • 14 May – Sun Sankranti as it moves to Taurus
  • 14 May – Venus moves to Gemini
  • 15 May – New moon in Taurus
  • 21 to 25 May- Transit Veena Yoga when 7 planets (excluding Rahu Ketu) are in 7 signs. This is a very positive energy which brings blessings of Goddess Saraswati.
  • 27 May – Mercury moves to Taurus and is now in parivartana with Venus in Gemini
  • 28 to 30 May – Moon Debilitated in Scorpio
  • 30 May- Moon crosses Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta
  • All timing is for California PST

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

Moon Under Pressure Till December – Plan for It

Moon is going to be dealing with monthly pressures when it transits from Scorpio to Capricorn from May to November. Every month there are almost seven days that we need to watch for and take care of our thinking. The best is to be aware of this so that we can take balancing measures and make choices with restrain.

The reason for this anxiety is that when Moon goes into Scorpio, it transits with its debilitation sign which is not easy and then it must cross the Scorpio/ Sagittarius gandanta. As soon as it has finished, it meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius and then moves into Capricorn when first Mars and then Ketu are present. There is no break from facing these challenging planets and due to the long exaltation of Mars, this continues month after month till November.

    The Dates for the stressed Moon are:

  • May – 1 to 6, 28 to 31. 28 May is full Moon in Scorpio, this enhances the positiveness.
  • June – 1 to 3, 24 to 30
  • July – 21 to 27
  • August – 18 to 23
  • September – 14 to 20
  • October – 11 to 18 – From October onwards Jupiter is in Scorpio, so the influence lessens.

Moon under duress impacts on the mind and the thinking.

If we face these transits without planning for them - Scorpio is intense and makes us want to confront people who we feel have let us down –it does not matter how it will ultimately affect us. Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta will make us feel insecure. Then moving to Sagittarius, the mind experiences Saturn, its roadblocks and obstacles which can be frustrating. Then it moves to Capricorn and Mars can bring impulsive behaviors, anger, conflicts and spurts of tempestuousness. The mind is totally frazzled by now and it must deal with the rejections of Ketu.

The other scenario is that we live in conscious awareness of the negative potential of these Moon transits. Use the Scorpio transit to transform and transcend from the lower mind to the higher, calm the darkness and move to the light, take it easy during gandanta transits avoid making important decisions. If Saturn delays and creates obstacles, it is only for the day – so keep frustrations at bay. Restrain from anger and impulses while Moon connects with Mars and use the Ketu conjunction to think about spirituality, Jyotisha and meditate. This way we manage to deal with these Moon conjunctions positively and at the end of the transit feel empowered instead of frazzled. Over the years I have found that working with transits in awareness is extremely helpful – so do your best and it will be rewarding.

Mars Long Exaltation and Connection to Ketu

Mars is going for a long exaltation in Capricorn from 2 May to 5 November. This is great for Aries and Scorpio and creates Ruchaka Mahapurusha yoga for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is powerful but has influence of Ketu with who he has three conjunctions. Ketu acts like Mars so its impact can be more of the militant tendencies. But it can also bring spirituality to the fore. Mars and Ketu both rule Scorpio – so Scorpio Ascendant, Sun and Moon can expect this transit leading them in new ways to improve their life and bring a better balance to it.

Mars retrogrades from 26 June to 26 August – 15°6 to 4°29 Capricorn. Watch the times around the retrogrades. This can be volatile, and conflict should be avoided.

There are three conjunctions with Ketu. These are intense days. We should keep life simple around that time. Mars Ketu has potential of terrorism and negative activity, so we should try to avoid travelling, going to major public gatherings and generally treading with caution around these dates.

Ketu conjunctions with Mars are:

  • 13 June – 14°4 Capricorn – Shravana
  • 18 July - 12°15 Capricorn – Shravana
  • 22 September - 8°45 Capricorn – Uttara Ashadha

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