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All About Mars - Ketu Conjunction and Retrograde

Mars plays a domineering role this month. It is exalted, it will conjoin with Ketu on 14 June and then retrogrades on 26 June. Mercury goes into Gemini from 9 to 25 June and brings positive energy for Gemini and Virgo. Mercury Venus exchange signs till 8 June – being constructive for Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Aquarius.

Key Dates in June

  • 4 June - Saturn retrogrades back from Purva Ashadha to Mula
  • 8 June - Venus enters Cancer, to July 5, 2018
  • 9 June - Mercury enters Gemini, to June 25, 2018
  • 13 June - Mars conjuncts Ketu, 14 Capricorn Shravana, first of three conjunctions in 2018
  • 14 June - Sun Sankranti as it enters Gemini
  • 17 June - Retrograde Jupiter retrogrades back from Vishakha to Swati
  • 20 June - Venus conjuncts Rahu
  • 25 June - Mercury enters Cancer
  • 26 Mars turns retrograde to Aug. 27, 2018 – see below

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

The Power of Mars and Ketu

Mars plays a domineering role this month. It is exalted, it will conjoin with Ketu on 14 June and then retrogrades on 26 June. Mars is all about power and how we deal with it depends on how we discipline ourselves not to re-act to provocation by useless issues – keep our feet grounded, not try to win all arguments and avoid disputes.

The Mars Ketu conjunction is on 14 June, a few days before will be when the potency is at its most intense and this is the time when we tread carefully.

Mars represent fire and so does Ketu. Two fire planets together can be combustible, and we need to be careful that it does not consume us. Ketu represents past karma and its conjunction with Mars can bring old karmic issues to light, they can be areas of anger and aggression that we had buried deep or unresolved issues about power. When or if they erupt, then we must deal with them with calmness and wisdom – impulsive reactions are not going to be very helpful. Three signs most impacted are Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Aries – it is their lagna lord and conjunction with Ketu may make them want to let go of everything and change their life in such a way that it can have long reaching consequences. Remember – not everything needs changing but trimming the deadwood that is blocking further growth is the best. Wait till after the three conjunctions to take action.

Scorpio – is ruled by Mars and Ketu and their two rulers are conjoining together three times. This can focus their direction and give immense confidence to get projects done. Just be careful not to overdo it or feel over confident.

Capricorn – may feel that they have too much energy around them. With Mars and Ketu influencing, they need an outlet for all this drive. Both Mars and Ketu are powerful planets and they urge action, however, Capricorn ruler Saturn is travelling in the 12th sign from it – so they may be making efforts where they feel there is no or little reward.

All of us need to watch this transit – the potential of life getting out of hand is there, so more careful and composed we are the better we will cope.

There are three conjunctions with Ketu. These are intense days. We should keep life simple around that time. Mars Ketu has potential of terrorism and negative activity, so we should try to avoid travelling, going to major public gatherings and generally being cautious around these dates.

Ketu conjunctions with Mars are:

  • 13 June – 14°4 Capricorn – Shravana
  • 18 July - 12°15 Capricorn – Shravana
  • 22 September - 8°45 Capricorn – Uttara Ashadha
  • 26 June - Mars retrogrades in Capricorn from 26 June to 26 August – 15°6 to 4°29 Capricorn. As Mars slows down to turn retrograde, a few days before 26 June, we may feel life slowing down and projects or plans being blocked or not going anywhere. I always find it is best not to travel on the day of Mars retrograde as it can cause disruptions. The energy is confused – there is no decisiveness, waiting for Mars to retrograde before making decisions as ideas can change, actions reversed. Aries and Scorpio need to be especially observant.

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    Moon under Pressure – dates for June

    Moon is dealing with monthly pressures when it transits from Scorpio to Capricorn from May to November. Every month there are almost seven days that we need to watch for and take care of our thinking. The best is to be aware of this so that we can take balancing measures and make choices with restrain. 30 June is very volatile as Moon with conjoin a newly retrograde Mars and Ketu.

    The Dates in June are:

    • June – 1 to 3, 24 to 30

    Moon under duress impacts on the mind and the thinking.

    To Watch in June 2018

    The second Mars Ketu conjunction and eclipses.

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