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Planetary News July 2017 from Komilla Sutton

Venus Happy in Taurus While Mars Debilitates

July this year is where we prepare for dramatic August with its many planetary problems that are combative, transforming and not always easy to handle. Relative calm in July against the drama of August. July brings relief with Venus in Taurus though Mars is in debilitation whereas August piles on the pressures with Mercury retrograde, the great American Eclipse, Mars Rahu conjunction, Rahu Ketu changing signs in gandanta and Saturn turns direct. Our responsibility in July is not to aggravate our situations, keep to a simple life style and keep all planning of major issues deferred to September.

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus helps to bring balance. It remains there till 26 July and then moves to Gemini where it is happy too. A planet in its own sign gives a positive experience, it does not matter if it is a good planet or not, for your chart. Venus is a natural benefic and therefore its nature is to do good. Venus is in its own sign will give us the feel-good factor and allows us to bring harmony to otherwise turbulent times. Taurus and Libra feel the strength. It also showers the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

  • Scorpio which has been feeling battered by Saturn and debilitation of Mars gets help from Venus and relationships.
  • Taurus experiences overall good energy.
  • Leo can get professional boost.
  • Aquarius feels happy and loved.

24 July - Venus opposes Saturn which may bring challenges in the path – these will be relatively easier to handle as long as you practice patience.

Mars Debilitation in Cancer

Mars begins its debilitation in Cancer on 11 July and will end on 26 August. Mars gets debilitated once every two years so it is not a rare transit. However, it brings weakness, lack of confidence and emotional influences that we are not prepared to handle.

Aries and Scorpio feel it the most. It is always a good time to think of health and creating good intentions for the future. You may be frittering away your energy by doing too many things. Why not edit your life? Remove the unessential projects that you are cluttering your life. August is especially stressed for Aries and Scorpio – so try to be extra careful with all what you undertake now as there are no quick solutions for your problems. Things will be much better in September.

To Watch in August 2017

Major planetary disruption including the Eclipse and Rahu Mars conjunction

Festivals in August 2017.


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