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Planetary News October 2017 from Komilla Sutton

Saturn’s Final Gandanta Transit of 2017

Saturn is gandanta completing its last transit and finally moving into Sagittarius. Rahu Ketu and its Kal Sarpa continues to bite. Planetary watchers, you should remain vigilant and making choices that does not bring further disruption. Venus and Sun will both be debilitated. Jupiter is and later Sun will be in in Libra Venus ruled sign, it’s weakness can bring further lack of support. However, Mercury plays a key role in bringing balance to October. Keeping our personal life steady and simple will go a long way of dealing with complexities that planets bring.

Key Dates in October

  • 1 to 14 October – Mercury is exalted
  • 5 October – Venus Mars at war
  • 8 October – Mercury is combust
  • 9 October – Venus moves into Virgo and is debilitated – See more below
  • 13 October - Mars in Virgo
  • 14 October – Mercury in Libra and parivartana with Venus – more below
  • 14 October - Kal Sarpa Yoga
  • 17 October – Sun goes to Libra and is debilitated
  • 17 October to end of the Month – Saturn goes into Gandanta – see below
  • 26 October – Saturn moves into Sagittarius

Saturn’s Final Transit Over Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta

Saturn begins its final transit over Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta from 17 October to the 4 November. While this is an unstable time, it appears we have been in a holding pattern for all of 2017 – situations have not being resolved. Saturn completing this gandanta and finally going into Sagittarius will see some major changes and life moving on – rather than remaining in limbo.

While all of us need to be aware of this transit; Capricorn and Aquarius will feel it more. Their life has been hung in balance, unable to move back or forward. November may make decisive changes for them.

If you have Moon in Sagittarius, then you are going to be intense phase of Sade sati and should take extra care. Emotionally it is challenging, financially it can be exhausting. Planets in Sagittarius will also feel the Saturn impact.

Scorpio feels relief from the long Saturn transit in November, but October may appear very challenging as Saturn brings last pressures to bear on them. Take each day as it comes and wait for Saturn to move out of gandanta and into Sagittarius.

Venus Mercury Bring Strength to Each Other

Venus and Mercury appear to be controlling many of the planets in October. They are the influencers of the month. Sun is in Virgo and then Libra, Jupiter is in Libra, Mars moves into Virgo and Mercury and Venus themselves are in Virgo Libra. Although Venus becomes debilitated on 9 October, its weakness is not felt as Mercury is exalted in Virgo and then on 14 October when Mercury goes into Libra, it starts a parivartana yoga with Venus – both planets being in each other’s signs. Mercury is supporting Venus to find its strength. It encourages change and when this yoga impacts positively, these changes bring prosperity and happiness. We must keep in mind the overall atmosphere of October with Saturn in gandanta and Kal Sarpa and exercise caution.

Virgo will experience this as a positive transit. Libra has many planets in the 12th house and debilitated Sun in the first, it could feel weak and many unexpected expenses – both financial and emotional can overwhelm at times. Libra should watch what they spend – defer major ones to November.

Gemini enjoys this exchange as it enhances their creativity. Taurus may feel some blocks or competition at work that does not allow them to fully enjoy the changes happening.

Rahu Ketu Kal Sarpa Continues

Rahu Ketu create Kal Sarpa Yoga when they hem in the planets. In 2017, we will experience Kal Sarpa every month from 17 September 2017 to 8 January 2018. Moon will break the yoga for a fortnight and then we are again experience this yoga. Kal Sarpa can create many unexpected and at times painful situations. We must remain grounded and work towards balance in these unsettled times.

14 to 28 October - Kal Sarpa Yoga is on. This can be potentially destabilizing time. All planets are within Ketu in Capricorn and Rahu in Cancer. This had added potential to be extremely challenging as Saturn is in gandanta at the same time. We must understand these dark forces and their divisive agendas. By bringing light into our life, taking care of decisions on how we deal with any crisis – during this period will be of great support.

If you can defer major decisions till Kal Sarpa is off.

To Watch in November 2017

Venus in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius.

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