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Planetary News September 2017 from Komilla Sutton

Jupiter Pushkara and Kal Sarpa Yoga

We are still reeling from the effect of the planets in August. If these transits impacted you directly, life has changed for you completely. You need to focus on how to deal with the transformations. It was a rare combination of turbulence and does not happen too often. September is a month of contrasts. There is still residue volatility and new, fresh energy too. Jupiter moves into Libra and remains Vargottama for most of the month. Mercury will be exalted. However, we are going to experience Kal Sarpa yoga intermittently for the next few months, we need to be very careful not to make our lives unsteady.

Key Dates in September

  • 1 to 27 Septmeber - Jupiter Vargottama first in Virgo and then in Libra
  • 1 to 23 September – Jupiter ingress create Pushkara
  • 2 September – Mercury Mars conjunction on Eclipse degree
  • 4 September – Mercury goes direct on Eclipse degree
  • 11 September - Jupiter in Libra
  • 13 September – Venus Rahu conjunction
  • 17 September to 1 October - Kal Sarpa
  • 26 September – Mercury is exalted.

Mercury Mars on August Eclipse Degrees

When planets transit over eclipse degrees then we can expect it to trigger events. Two important triggers are taking place in September. The eclipse was at 4º46 Leo, Magha nakshatra. Mars Mercury conjoin there on 2nd September. Mercury is retrograding, about to turn direct, this means it is moving very slowly and therefore will remain on the eclipse degrees from 2 to 8 September. These triggers can aggravate an already difficult situation or create awareness of how to deal with it. We should remain vigilant of the negativity and always try to react calmly to situations. Take time to take decisions and delay them past these days if you can. Impulsive and angry actions do not give long term benefits.

Jupiter creates Pushkara and is Vargottama

Jupiter is in an especially strong position through the month creating good energy and giving wisdom to counteract the volatility. Jupiter is in the last few days of its transit in Virgo and about to enter Libra on 11 September. This creates Pushkara time, when all the gods and goddesses of the Vedic Pantheon come down to earth with Pushkara and Jupiter to purify the sacred rivers of India. Pushkara time is from 1 to 23 September. With each entry and exit to a sign, Jupiter will focus on one river. The purification of the rivers can be taken as purifying the inner rivers within us; these are the Nadi or the subtle channels. We can focus on yoga, meditation, taking time to think about purifying and simplifying our lives, so that we can let go of the garbage and negativity out of our life. You can read more about Pushkara -

1 to 27 September - Jupiter is also in Vargottama, giving its blessings, wisdom and knowledge to us. Sagittarius and Pisces are especially blessed.

Rahu Ketu Creates Kal Sarpa

Rahu Ketu create Kal Sarpa Yoga when they hem in the planets. Jupiter and Saturn are within Rahu Ketu, and when the faster moving planets move between them, then the Kal Sarpa Yoga happens. We can expect these to happen yearly till 2019.

In 2017, we will experience Kal Sarpa every month from 17 October 2017 to 8 January 2018. Moon will break the yoga for a fortnight and then we are again experience this yoga. Last year transit Kal Sarpa yoga was happening during the election of Donald Trump in USA and the demonetization of the rupee in India.

17 to 30 September - Kal Sarpa Yoga is on. This can be potentially destabilizing time. All planets are within Ketu in Capricorn and Rahu in Cancer. We must take care not to make major decisions during this period and overall try to keep life in balance. Divisive politics is often what Rahu Ketu bring about as they cut the world in half – we should try not to be taken in by them. Extreme choices are not the right ones to make – they may be exciting, but we cannot control their outcome.

To Watch in October 2017

Exalted Mercury, Kal Sarpa and Saturn in Gandanta.

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