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Longest Lunar Eclipse this Century, Complex Mercury and Mars Ketu

July is an unsettled month as we experience the second of the Mars Ketu conjunctions, Mercury turns retrograde at gandanta point plus partial solar eclipse on 13 July and then the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century on 27 July. This can lead to some major transformations and changes.

Key Dates in July

  • 3 July- Mercury Rahu conjunction in Cancer
  • 4 July – Venus crosses gandanta and moves into Leo till 1 August 2018
  • 10 July – Jupiter goes direct at 19° Libra – Swati Nakshatra
  • 13 July - Partial Solar eclipse in Gemini
  • 9 June - Mercury enters Gemini, to June 25, 2018
  • 16 July - Sun Sankranti as it enters Cancer – month of Shravana begins
  • 18 July - Mars conjuncts Ketu, 12° Capricorn Shravana, second of three conjunctions in 2018
  • 24 to 28 July - Mercury is in gandanta Cancer. Read below
  • 25 July - Mercury turns retrograde
  • 27 July - Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – read more below

NOTE: All timing is for California PST.

18 July - Mars and Ketu Conjoin Again

The second of the three conjunctions of Mars Ketu is on 18 July. A day to remain vigilant and careful. Best to avoid confrontation and situations that can easily get out of hand. Immediately after the conjunction there is a lunar eclipse close to the conjunction which would further add to the pressures.

Three signs most impacted are Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Aries – it is their lagna lord and conjunction with Ketu may make them want to let go of everything and change their life in such a way that it can have long reaching consequences.

Scorpio – is ruled by Mars and Ketu and their two rulers are conjoining together three times. This can focus their direction and give immense confidence to get projects done. Just be careful not to overdo it or feel over confident.

Capricorn – may feel that they have too much energy around them. With Mars and Ketu influencing, they need an outtlet for all this drive. The lunar eclipse is also in Capricorn, indicating some immediate changes for them.

Mercury Retrogrades in Gandanta

Mercury remains in Cancer Gandanta from 24 to 28 July and it retrogrades on the gandanta degree on 25 July. This is not an easy energy. Gandanta degrees are unsupported energies and Mercury being there for a long period and it will be opposite to eclipse of 27 July. The drama will be high. The mind remains unsettled as both Moon and Mercury are impacted.

Mercury remains retrograde from 25 July to 18 August – all the time in Cancer. Retrograde are times to rethink, re-energize, revise what has happened in the last few months so that you can make informed decisions in the future. It is easy to change your mind when Mercury turns retrograde. Thinking is on shaky ground so trying to make sense of what you want is not always clear.

Gemini and Virgo can feel insecure about what direction they should take – and this is not the days to make important decisions but more to just keep grounded and taking one day at a time. Rahu is also amplifying the dissatisfaction and urging them to do something. At times of planetary volatility, it the best to keep the mind occupied with positive endeavors and try to refocus the thoughts away from negativity.

The Longest Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century

27 July - This is a tough eclipse as Moon conjoins Mars and Ketu in Capricorn and Shravana – creating emotional volatility and triggers situations for world events to happen. It can promote anger, frustrations and anxiety. We may not be listening to what is being said to us, take time to listen to what others are saying and do not be too ready to counter-attack if you do not like what is being said to you.

Moon is dealing with monthly pressures when it transits from Scorpio to Capricorn from May to November. Every month there are almost seven days that we need to watch and take care of our thinking. This month the Moon is under extra pressure as it is part of the lunar eclipse and with Ketu and Mars too. Eclipses churn up the emotions and tend to reveal and expose situations. Their impact is immediate – expect even to happen on the day of the eclipse or a few days either side. Nurture and manage wayward thoughts and stresses from 21 July onwards although the eclipse only takes place on 27th.

We all should try to remain calm and practice restraint over the eclipse – do not involve yourself in unnecessary conflicts or arguments. Defer any major decisions for later days.

Capricorn is most impacted by the eclipse, they can expect some immediate changes.

This eclipse is visible in Southern part of South America, all Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. USA and Canada cannot see the eclipse. There is possible political upheaval during this time. The cou

ntries where it is visible are most affected while those where it is not visible may still feel a hidden impact.

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