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2015 Navagraha - Nine Planetary Temple Trip

2015 Navagraha - Nine Planetary Temple India Trip with Komilla Sutton

Nava grahas are the nine planets used in Vedic Astrology. This tour will visit the Nine Temples dedicated to the Planetary Gods; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn Rahu and Ketu. This Navagraha temple trip is a pilgrimage to balance the planetary energies. These planetary temples are unique in Tamil Nadu where, within a short distance of Kumbakonam, there are separate temples dedicated to each of the Nava Grahas.

Each day was be filled with temples visits. Everyone did pujas, special rituals at all temples. Komilla has great expertise and everyone viewed them in context to Vedic knowledge and Jyotisha. Each person was guided on how to work in balancing their own energies and work with the issues expressed in their charts to get the blessing of the planetary deities.

The trip visited Pondichery, Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur and Mahabalipuram. There were extra pujas and rituals at Pondichery Ganesha Temple and grand prayer ceremony at Chidambaram Temple.

Komilla gave a two day workshop on planets where your charts will be studied to understand the karma you bring into this life through the planets and how to work with the planetary temples to balance these.

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Sarpa Temples Trip 2016

20 January to 2 February 2015

Sarpa means Serpents. Sarpa represents secret knowledge and wisdom. In Vedic Astrology they are represented by Rahu Ketu. This is a special trip to venerate the Rahu Ketu energy within us and to deal with issues brought from past life that we struggle with now. We also honour the Jupiter – Rahu Conjunction of 2016 by visiting Vamana temple Thrikkakara for Jupiter and three most important temples for Rahu Ketu - Nagaraja Temple, Nagerkoil, Sree Nagaraja Temple Mannarasala and Kukke Subramanya. This is where Lord Subramanya is worshipped as the lord of all serpents. Vasuki and other serpents found refuge under Lord Subrahmanya when threatened by Garuda.

Rahu Ketu will be the theme at the three main Sarpa temples but at the other temples you visit you will be connected to Vamana (Vishnu), Krishna, Shiva and Goddess Temples. Many unusual temples will be visited along with Backwaters of Kerala and each day will be filled with temple visits. You will be doing pujas, special rituals at all temples. Komilla has great expertise and you will view them in context to Vedic knowledge and Jyotisha.

Komilla will give a one day workshop Sarpa energy in the chart. The Sarpa energy is reflected through Rahu – Ketu. They bring past life issues with which we struggle to deal with in this life. This workshop will examine the participant’s charts to give guidance on how to deal with their Sarpa energy positively. Komilla will talk about the remedies and how we can empower ourselves through the visit of the temples and more.

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