Shodasa Varga

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Shodasa Varga - The Sixteen Divisional Charts Course
Shodasa Varga begins 16 March 2017

Level Four - Advanced Training

Level Four training to be a Vedic Astrologer and augment personal development through this ancient knowledge.

One Course

Three Modules - 36 Lessons
Lessons are 1-1/2 Hours Each

Level Four of the Vedic Astrology Foundation Course and training to be a Vedic Astrologer - Advanced.

The level four takes an advanced topic of Vedic astrology each year. Different specialist subjects are chosen to study deeper into.

Shodasa Varga Course

The Shodasa Varga Course will teach the sixteen division charts of Sage Parashara. Following Sage Parashara’s guidelines on how to interpret and use these divisional chart – Rashi, Hora, Drekkana, Chathurtamsha, Saptamsha, Navamsha, Dasamsha, Dwadashamsha. Shodashamsha, Vimshamsha, Siddhamsha, Trimshamsha, Chaturviramshamsha, Akshavedamsha and Shastiamsha. Each Varga focuses on a particular area of life and while they are created from the Rashi chart, they reveal secrets of the inner personality. , the course includes the calculation, vimshopaka, Rashi tulya, Vargottama, varga vargottama. Major focus will be on the devatas (deities) of each of the varga.

Three Modules | 36 Lessons

Webinar Lessons are 1-1/2 Hours Each


The Shodasa Varga is an advanced course and will aim for specialization in this essential technique.

To take this course, knowledge of Vedic Astrology is essential as advanced topics will be taught.

  • A homework assignment will be given at the end of each class.
  • All classes will be recorded and available to download.

2017 Schedule

There are two times of day to choose from for each webinar - one that for the United States and one more suitable for the UK and Europe. Typically these are set at 7pm Pacific and 7pm GMT.

Detailed SyllabusView a detailed syllabus and a schedule of what will be taught on which dates.

16 March to 30 November 2017
Thursdays Only 7pm Pacific | 7pm GMT

Enroll in Advanced Shodasa Varga Course

*Pre-Order Optional Set of Manuals for Shodasa Varga Course

*Optional Set of 36 PowerPoint Presentations for Shodasa Varga Course

Included in the price for The Shodasa Vega Course:

  • Tuition
  • Download of the Recordings after the class


Refund less $100 available until March 2017. No refund after 1 March 2017.

What Former Students Say...

Studying Joytish with Komilla Sutton is very interesting and informative.  I am taking the Foundation Class so there is a great deal of new information to learn.  Komilla presents the information in a clear and concise way, and she makes the most complicated issues understandable.  I would recommend studying with Komilla whether you want to eventually become an astrologer yourself or...
RV, California, 2014
The foundation course taught by Komilla not only teaches one the foundations of Vedic astrology but provides you with the means of a spiritual way of life that brings lightness to the soul. This is achieved through Komilla exposing her students to manta practices, different deities and religious celebrations. As a student, you can't help but feel that you are privy to  sacred ancient knowledge.
WH, South Africa, 2013
I found the Foundations Course taught online by Komilla Sutton to be really interesting and very well structured. The webinar platform is great as it allows you to have a live class which really benefits learning as you can ask questions and discuss issues as they arise. On the other hand, if you can't attend a class you can still stay up to date because all the classes are stored In Google Drive...
JB, Australia, 2013
Studying Jyotish by attending a webinar offered the opportunity to attend Komilla's lessons which otherwise I would never be able to. After receiving an interpretation for my personal chart from Komilla some years ago, each lesson of the webinar gives new insights because Komilla discusses multiple aspects of my personal chart and those of other participants during the course...
CD, Germany, 2013

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