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About Vedic Astrology Foundation Courses

The Foundation Courses are designed to develop knowledge of Vedic Astrology in a detailed step-by-step progression. The set of courses begins with the Foundation Course, followed by the Rules of Interpretation Course and the Prediction Techniques Course.

Main Foundation Courses I, II and III

Each of these courses takes your Vedic Astrology knowledge further and will cover most of the topics needed to render a full and detailed analysis.

Level IV Advanced Course

The level Four course changes annually, providing fresh advanced topics for further study each year.

Course Schedule

Levels I, II and IIIbegin in the Spring each year and consist of 36 webinars over 9 months. Each course is repeated annually.

Level IV - Advancedbegins in the summer and consists of 24 webinars, spanning 5 months.

Classes Structure:Classes are held on the same day each week, excluding holidays, and run 1-1/2 hours in length. Time to interact and ask questions is included within this timeframe.

Time of Day:Classes run twice daily - one time more suitable for North America and the other more suitable for the UK and Europe.

web · i · nar

[ web- uh-nahr]   noun

A seminar or other presentation that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter and ask questions simulating an in-person seminar.

Origin:  1990–95; Web + (sem)inar

What Former Students Say...

I began studying with Komilla through her Webinar Foundations Course in 2010. After having completed two specialized, Advanced-Level courses - the course on Rahu and Ketu and the Medical Astrology course - I find myself ever more impressed with her abilities in organizing and presenting the classic Jyotish texts and principles to make their deeper meanings understandable to contemporary students. I am ever grateful to her for the grace and ease with which she presents this ancient spiritual wisdom, and for the caring that she extends to all people with whom she works and serves.
PN, Italy, 2014
Komilla presents an engaging interactive course into jyotish astrology via web-in-air. Over a three year period using weekly classes you are taken step by step through a foundation course, rules of interpretation and prediction techniques which helps the student by using a systematic approach. A personal connection is made, thus when questions arise one can be guided to the required knowledge or understanding. Using your own chart helps deepen understanding as one's own chart comes to life. Komilla is dedicated in her teaching and has created a system of learning that delivers this ancient science.
AH, Australia, 2014
I knew the name of guru when I studied in ACVA in 2002. I started to buy CDs of teaching Vedic astrology courses from 2008. I have attended guru's webinar classes since 2011. I am from Taiwan. English is not my mother language, but I can understand what guru teaches. Guru is a kind and patient teacher. Guru is patient to teache a student till the student understands the content if the student has a question in the class. Guru gives a lot of example charts in the advanced class. Guru leads me to another viewpoints of Vedic Astrology world. Thanks to my guru.
RH, USA & Taiwan
Komilla, thank you for the foundation course 2013. It is not only your deep knowledge, that I only can imagine. It becomes so wonderful throught your intuition and because it seems to be coming from your heart. Again, many many thanks! It is like a treasure for life...
FS, Germany, 2014

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